My Current BBAG Family !!!

  1. as promised, here is my current bbag family with the newest member!:yahoo:

    btw, :shame: DH caught me photographing my bbags. to my surprise :wtf:, he gave me a mini photography lesson. i told him i wasn't looking for perfection, but i have to admit, these photos look much better than my old ones. he asked me why i'm taking photos of my bags...umm, for archiving purposes? :whistle:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. they're so pretty!!:wlae: I'm so jealous!! hehe:heart:
    you have almost all the colours of the Rainbow:p !!
  4. What a super collection you have, Odd!!!! BTW, is that a black or gray first in your the first set of pics you posted?
  5. :heart:Great pics!! You have a beautiful BBag family!:heart:
  6. wow, great collection!
  7. Super GREAT collection! I love your black Purse!!
  8. thanks fennel! :flowers: i don't have a complete rainbow yet like some of our fellow pfers...i still need a few more colors. :graucho: unfortunately, i'm on purse ban after one more bbag...i'm looking forward to anthracite, but aquamarine is looking mighty pretty too. tempting...
  9. i LOVE your collection!! they are all so gorgeous
  10. thank you chuggie, handbagaddict, newbie, and MRG! :flowers:

    chuggie & MRG - it's an ink purse. DH took that one for demonstration. this photo doesn't quite show off the purple tones. because ink is such a chameleon, it is a difficult color to photograph.
  11. Finally : Yipeeeeee Odd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can see your TDF collection ;) !!!!
    Congrats on your bbags : each is so Gorgeous !!!!!!!
    This Lilac is just TDF, and Miss Magenta is also stunning !!!!
    i think I'll have to come back here again and again ....
  12. Beautiful collection and great photography skills! =) It's fun to play with the camera especially when you get such great shots!

    I love the leather you have on your bbags!
  13. Beautiful odd! The pics are such great quality, too!

    Any tips from your DH that you can pass on to us: how did you get such great photos?
  14. thank you p! :flowers: like i promised, i would post my bbag family fromparis style! ;) i just can't believe DH caught me. :push: :shame:
  15. wow, odd, you have some niiiice leather on them thar bags...! pretty!