My Current Bal Collection & Some Leather Comparison Pics

  1. I got my first bbag back in September 07 and the addiction never stopped :wtf:. My first bbag was the F/W 07 plomb city with the most gorgeous and thick leather that I love. Since then I've gotten a F/W 07 Violet Step (sold it and still regretting it), a plomb rh coin purse, a sky blue makeup, a SGH black coin purse, and F/W 07 black GGH PT. I just got the black GGH PT and the SGH black coin purse this week. I'm not a fan of the agneau leather on bags outside of accessories since most of the bags I've seen with agneau have thin leather that feel like it's going to crumble with prolonged use. I'm still upset at myself that I sold my violet step to fund for a BG pink GGH day and never ended up getting the new bag since I couldn't look past agneau leather. I hunted down the Black chevre leather GGH PT with the help of a friend that went calling up every Saks and Barney's out there (Thanks "M") and I just can't get over the awesome leather it has. The only minor flaw on the PT is that one of the handles is slightly deformed. So here's my dilemma, should I keep the PT I have since it has the most awesome leather that meets every one of my specifications (smooth, minimal distressing, soft and even on both sides) with 1 slightly deformed handle that could be shaped after some time of hanging it on a door with books or exchange for one that Leo at Barney's NYC found that has awesome handles but not as awesome leather with more distressing and uneven leather ( the leather on the back is thinner than the front). I'm amazed at how bal leather could vary so much. All my accessories have agneau leather within that there's a range of difference. My sky blue mu has baby soft leather that's borderline on the thin side, my plomb cp is smoth and shiny and my GSH black cp is extremely thick. Both my plomb city and PT are cherve leather. The leather on the PT is a reminisce of the 05 leather but just not as soft but feels similar texture wise while my plomb is thick and distressed. I'll upload the rest of the pics in another post with leather comparisons since I reached the max.
    Baggies 004.jpg Baggies 011.jpg Baggies 001.jpg Baggies 010.jpg Baggies 009.jpg
  2. more pic
    Baggies 006.jpg Baggies 008.jpg Baggies 003.jpg Baggies 005.jpg Baggies 012.jpg
  3. The rest. The last picture is comparing the 2 cherve leathers. I hope the comparison pictures help to some extent. There's only so much a picture could show but you really have to feel the leathers to notice the difference. I love how the Bal leathers could vary so much in texture and feel...I guess that's what makes each bag special and that no 2 bags are alike.
    Baggies 007.jpg Baggies 005.jpg Baggies 002.jpg
  4. Pretty!! Thanks for the comparison pics. :tup:
  5. I say stick with the PT you have and just try and reshape the deformed handle yourself, I am fairly new to Bbags and after acquiring the colors I lusted for, realized that is not that easy to come across a that perfect leather, which in my case is thick, smooshy and distressed with no veining an not dry, I have had to sell my beloved VG just cuz it was so dry:sad: and I loved that color!!:crybaby:IF after you have tried reshaping the handle and doesnt work, then maybe that is the time to sell, if it really bothers you.Goood Luck!
  6. I agree with chinkee I think that leather is WAY more important than handles--its hard to find a good bal leather out there that fits your EXACT needs! And if this one does--I definitly say keep it. Try putting books in your bag or filling it up completely full with stuff and hang your bag by the handles so they can reshape themselves a little bit. GL!
  7. Lovely collection. You really fancy the black range.
  8. I agree with the others - the leather is much more important than the handles!! Plus the handle doesn't look very deformed in that pic; it'll hardly be noticeable with a little it of use, i think.
  9. Keep her..good leather trumps all else, no? as for the deformity, the handles have that fairly thin plastic tube beneath the leather and interlining of suede..therefore mild HEAT might be the key to softening that bent plastic.. before you hang your bag weighted down with books or something heavy you could try covering the deformed handle with a t-shirt to protect the leather and then lay a heating pad over the handle for about 15 mins to soften the plastic tubing before hanging the bag via the deformed handle on a doorknob overnight.
  10. Lovely collection!!
  11. Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing:smile: