My Cruise06 Globe Shopper Tote MM ..with PICS!

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  1. I Got it!!

    First of all...THANK YOU, Lee69:rolleyes: for recommending Let-trade as I have found the discontinued Cruise06 Globe MM Shopper and at a GREAT PRICE!!

    The bag is Amazing and impeccably NEW! It's a great piece and it will join my discontinued and limited edition LV collection.

    There's no doubt that this bag is fake. I knew it was Authentic immediately after opening the package. (although, I will show my fave SA at LV Phoenix, AZ next week)

    Im pretty impressed with Let-Trade..AND THANK YOU ALL PFers who authenticate, suggest and help "US" LV enthusiast on getting what we want, wish and desire!!!

    Of course, eBay is still shady at times..DO YOUR RESEARCH before you BUY!!

    LV forum4.JPG LV forum5.JPG LV forum6.JPG LV forum7.JPG LV forum9.JPG LV forum11.JPG LV forum13.JPG LV forum12.JPG LV forum14.JPG
  2. wow, awesome bag!! congratulations!:love:
  3. Aw I didn't know the inside lining was like that!

    OT butt I love your water mark!! I might have to copy you someday..
  4. Congrats again!!!!:love: :love: :love: :supacool: Looked greaaaat!!!:yes: (:censor: I was going to steal your pic:graucho: now I can't with all that water marks he he j/k)
  5. that's wonderful! Please post a pic of you wearing it!!!
  6. I love that bag! It's definately on my list of must have's!! Congrats!
  7. Thanks,

    It tooked a while to watermark and making sure its "tamper" proof. I truly suggest this to anyone who want to post pics online.

    We have to be careful nowadays...a lot of crooks out there who steals pics from PFers and using it on their fake auctions.

    A few PFers were victims...esp from the Balenciaga forum wont be long until they use this forum for thier pics.

    Anyway...Thanks for all your lovely input.
  8. congrats!
  9. hehehe,

    THANK YOU Lee69!!
  10. Aww that's one of my fav bags of all time! :heart: it! Glad that you got a real one w/ all the fakes running around
  11. Nice, love your bag!
  12. Very nice .. I love the colour of the globe print:love:
  13. I'm soo effing jealous. ;)
  14. congratulations on getting your bag, its lovely. Im curious, how were you sure of authenticity after opening it? I get really confused and find it quite hard to tell.
  15. Beautiful bag!!!:yes: How big is it?