My Cruise 2008 Cuff arrived today!!

  1. Ladies, I am BLISSFULLY happy right now! Last week I bought on eBay one of the cruise 08 Pink and White cuffs that was given out at the PS ARTS party in Beverly Hills as a VIP gift. I paid WAY too much for it and was feeling major buyers remorse...until it arrived--IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

    The only issue is that I'm 7 mo pregnant (It's twins!) and VERY swollen, so the cuff is a little tighter than it should be! BUT who cares it's SO pretty!

  2. WOW..real pretty indeed!
  3. It is pretty!:tup: And I'm sure it will fit you in no time :yes:
  4. love it
  5. Congrats on the cuff and the pregancy of your twins!!! You need to treat yourself once in a while! It is not easy being pregnant, not to mention that you are carrying need to feel the remorse.:yes: Just Enjoy your little treat.:okay:
  6. Beautiful, congratulations on your beautiful cuff, and on your twins :smile:
  7. ooh its lovely :smile:
  8. Wow, I love it! Very pretty! :love:
  9. Lovely!!
  10. oooh, nice! i like~

    and cuuute!, congrats on your twins!!
  11. omg i want!!
  12. Congrats on your twins and your cuff.
  13. pretty!
  14. Great score! Very cute...Congrats. :smile:
  15. wow. That's so pretty!!!