my Croc of Q Grovee after a long haiatus!

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  1. i finally broke down and bought another bag... january was a stressful month.. so i took a walk after thinkin for a week... ended up going to marc by mj on bleecker since i was in a recession too lol:P
    i felt i needed an electric blue bag since i wasnt able to get electric blue shoes:Push:... there was my newest addition... sittin on the shelf, waiting to be adopted..
    i wasn't sure if the sa was just hyping me up but supposedly the bag is not supposed to come out until sept.. which im doubting as ive seen the bag before.. still.. i needed to have it.. only thing that took me a while to decide was the color.. i knew i wanted a blue bag.. but the green was just soooo vivid. i hope this can hold me over until i can get a purple stam...

    -still feeling iffy about it...:shrugs:
  2. Sounds good
    Let us have some modelling pics
  3. we'll help you decide, but you need to post some pics for us first!
  4. Some pics would definitive help. For retail price you should really love the bag.
  5. Ill post pix as soon as I get home.. Thanks guys!
  6. That sure was a build-up! Can't wait to see your pics!
  7. I agree with tiger!
  8. so... here's my reveal....

  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]

  11. [​IMG]

  12. [​IMG]


  13. i fiugred that its a good buysince most f my clothes are "plain" n basic in color mostly in whites n blacks... and ive been buying bright colored bags since since i make it my statement... it kinda feels like the jelly jacquard bag even though it says its vinyl wrapped leather... still not sure f its a keeper.. the color's a little on the dark side for now unless its under reallybright light or flash. i havent taken it out during the daytime yet..

    what u think..
  14. #14 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    This is a sexy bag! But I have to admit that I would prefer a plain leather bag as I am not so into patent leather, which always looks a little stiff. It also is pretty large.

    So for your decision. If you love the patent and will wear patent, it would be a great catch, as this really is a headturner. Second point - if you are a large bag carrier - perfect. If you are not sure with both points, better rethink whether it would be better to exchange it for something you really love. MJ has some other great styles in fantastic popping colors!

    Edit: Just noticed another point. I think this bag has the same issue with the strap as the normal Groovee. I love my Groovee, but it does get a strange shape when you carry it with the strap - thus making the strap useless for me (in the case of the Groovee), but that is not a problem as I am able to carry the Groovee on the shoulder by its handles. Would that bother you?
  15. I do love the colour. Good luck deciding whether or not to keep her