My creme de la creme Birkin

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  1. Just want to share with you, my new bag.

    This is way ahead of when I'd been hoping to own one of these coveted Birkins. Even I am surprised and I have butterflies in my stomach.

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  2. That's an absolute stunner!!! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. Gorgous!!!!!!!
  5. STUNNING!!!:wtf::nuts: Wait, lemme stop the drool slipping from my mouth..
  6. TDF MrsS---absolutely perfect--can't wait to see the modeling pix!
  7. wowie! that's absolutely breathtaking!! congrats on such a beauty!!!
  8. Mrs Sparkles,.... what have you been upto :sneaky: This baggy is absolutly stunning!!!

  9. OMG!!! :yahoo: mrssparkles! It's gorgeous!! I'm on the floor.....Congratulations! :tender:
  10. We need the story behind this one...
  11. OMG!!!!!! i'm going to have wet dreams tonite about ur bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good lordy-poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in total awe at its beauty....
  12. What a stunner...

    Please share with us how you got her... we need our regular dose of fairytales come true... did you get her from your Singapore Hermes store?
  13. Incredible!! I am so excited for you!
  14. WOW!!!!!! She's a STUNNER!!!!! Absolutely, freaking GORGEOUS!!!! Please, when you get a some modeling pics!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on a STUNNING bag, Mrssparkles.....wear her often and in good health!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Absolutely gorgeous!!!