My Credit Card got FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS after purchasing from Fashionphile!

  1. Yup! At least with a cc, the company can investigate quickly but with a debit card it'd take forever for the bank to resolve it because it's like good as cash when you transact.
  2. I knew it! Did you call your cc company right away???
  3. I always check my cc right after every transaction and days after until the transaction has been posted and even after that just to be sure nothing fraudulent activities have been happening. Before I buy stuff online, I always check if they have the verisgin thingy which is kinda a protection against hacking so I was kind of actually apprehensive from purchasing on their site when I didnt see it. Just check your account once in a while especially after the transaction had been posted to be sure. I paid on July 16, the unauthorized charges started July 22 then continued July 26, 27, 28, 29!
  4. I usually check mine often too. I make my online purchases with one card so I'm always checking to see when charges/payments post. I'm so sorry. Even though it can be handled, it's still irritating.
  5. Yes I did! I used my debit card though. Thankfully, my bank is very good about these sorts of things. They already provided me with a credit for the amount ($300).

    I put scarf from 2003 on layaway (I was super excited to find this limited edition item, too :sad:) on the 5th. The fraudulent charges were on the 24th and 25th.

    I'm just so upset that Fashionphile didn't alert their customers to check their accounts. I will NEVER shop with them again.
  6. I didn't think twice that it was through them when I saw the unauthorized charges. It is really upsetting because come to think of it, if they are just updating their site, they should have released an early warning to their customers that their site will be down for maintenance. It happened suddenly! No wonder they were doing the verification manually! They have this hourly sales on Facebook and the way they do it is you have to call and do the transaction over the phone. Good luck with that, what? They'd write the customers' cc details on a piece of paper??? Goodness!
  7. Oh dear!!! I had to cancel my credit card late last week, fraudulent charges, Office Depot, Microsoft etc. I assumed it was due to a recent purchase at (awful) online subscription store JewelMint. That was the only place I had used my card recently, other than having it safely attached to my Paypal account with no problems for years. But I have used it on Fashionphile before, many months ago. How interesting... I wonder if they had a security breach. If so, they should WARN their present and past customers.

    It can happen anywhere though, at any time. What vile, these thieves!
  8. I asked on their FB page and this was their response:

    "We had a catastrophic issue with our server and ended up having to migrate to another couple servers. We do not store any credit card information on our servers. We use a service that takes encrypted credit card data and then sends us verification when it goes through. We made some changes to our front end experience and also have updated our security measures on the admin side. Anyway- we keep being told that we're almost done, but they have to do a final scan and check for any vulnerabilities etc. Hopefully very, very soon!! Thanks for asking!"

    I just find it a strange coincidence that their site is experiencing issues at the same time that their customers are finding fraudulent purchases on their CC/bank accounts!
  9. Update from what I've heard....

    A LOT of my customers are expierencing this. I don't think it's just Fashionphile. I had a customer tell me someone used his card and spent $400 at Wal Mart and another person said $200 from random places.

    SO many people's cards declined today when trying to use it.
  10. It says it's happening in states like Florida, California, New York too.
  11. Oh wow! I didn't see that part in the article...
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    You are lucky in one sense I had my ID Stolen and the person that stole my ID (License) manage to rack up $40K in personal loans and CC cards I didnt know anything until I had crediters at my front door wanting money!So I had to go too court and they still WANTED ME TO PAY! and I am like YOU gave a loan to a person with my Photo you deserve to suffer!due to that my credit rating suffered for 5 Years.I dont own a CC card and own everything that I have thank goodness (due to a work injury pay-out)So now if I dont have the money I simply save for what I want and have a Visa debit card if No money is in that account then the transaction will not go through.I simply transfer the money I need for that day and when I get home transfer it back into another account which cannot be accessed except through internet banking.Thank goodness I didnt put that Kusmasa speedy away on layaway with fashionphile only a week ago I think they had 3 up,but really want to go Africa again so saving my money I thank my lucky stars after finding this thread thats all I need to have some-one steal my DC numbers But if there is No money in that account it want go through..thats my 2 cent story. :girlsigh:
  13. Omg, my mom just told me a few days ago that her bank called her and told her that someone was charging things on her card and she just purchased a bag from fashionphile a week or two ago. She also mentioned Walmart and a doll store. Wth, if that's the case I would be really uncomfortable ordering from them.