My crazzzy sale finds! Wowwieee! *pics*

  1. Eeps! I managed to find 2 pairs of CLs on sale but missed the additional 25%! They could've been cheaper but I did make it in time for the EGC so phewww! I was really lucky to get them b/c they were returns and they are in my sizes! Wowieee, they came to me just as I was about to give up finding them! I absolutely love my SA, he's a total :angel: hehe.

    Green python yoyos 85mm and t-strap ernestas in taupe patent under $250 :wlae:



  2. i really love the python green...sooo HOT
  3. My heart just skipped a beat when I saw those green python YoYos! :drool: I wonder if there are any left in an 11. Sigh!

    Both are beautiful. The Ernestas are hot in taupe! :heart:
  4. here are a couple of modeling piccies hehe


  5. OMG, I'm beyong jealous of the yoyos (I think I sized up too much in mine :tdown:
  6. ^^^ i am beyond jealous too. i can't find them anywhere in anything even close to my size. i even called my SA to see if there were any returns :sad:

    they're both gorgeous and look amazing on you! big time congrats!
  7. Gah! I'm incredibly jealous. They look amazing on you :nuts:
  8. Wow those are such gorgeous shoes!!! Im hoping to find some CL's on sale...i can only dream!!! :love:
  9. omg omg omg! you lucky, lucky girl!!! those are HOT!
  10. Those are excellent sale finds, especially the python yoyos!
  11. Congrats, I love both of those shoes! The green python yoyos are going to look great in the spring time. I have recently fell in love with green shoes too!
  12. weee thank you ladies! it was one hell of a saga! i was really on the verge of giving up after i managed to find a pair for a fellow pfer (who posted her green python yoyos recently lol) and i guess it must have been some good shopping karma! i helped her and i was helped by my SA.. all that works out in the end i guess? hehe. on the day i called to tell my SA i was gonna give up, there were returns and the returns were the shoes that i've been hunting for! my SA is such an angel to keep those aside for me, absolutely love him!
  13. wow Great find!!! These shoes look fabulous on you!!!
  14. OMG, what a fabulous deal for some fabulous shoes! I'm so excited for yoU! :nuts:
  15. I could not see the picture, but the thought of green python yoyo's made me grow faint :drool:. Congrats on your finds!