My crazy shopping spree!!!

  1. I went insane yesterday with retail therapy:lol: No more shopping vegas trip in june! BTW-I met mharvey at LV!! It was so much fun despite the ordeal she is going through!!! I think the SAs thought we were beyond nuts! See her thread on returning the stinky epi! What a saga:rant:

    So here are my goodies--damier chelsea tote,baggy GM in fuschia,mono acc.pochette with the key ring to extend the strap and a couple of pair of shoes. It took most of the afternoon to sneak them past dh into my closet!:lol:
    purses 024.jpg
  2. What a beautiful things!!
    I esp. love the damier Tote and the brown shoes, fabulous!!
  3. great shopping day :smile:
  4. Oooh great purchases!!! :biggrin:
  5. Great shopping spree! I love the Chelsea and the blue wedges!
  6. Wow!! Now that's how do shop!! Love everything, especially the Chelsea! Is the Chelsea going to be your work bag? Congrats!!
  7. Your retail therapy was highly successful. Congrats. I love the sandals.
  8. WOW, I love those wedges! Nice pics
  9. Hey girl!

    LOVE your loot!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I LOVE that chelsea tote! The Baggy is great too.
  11. PGN! I have those brown LV flats and I LIVE in them..they are soooooo comfy!!!Great purchases!
  12. Congrats on your loot.. wow! How's the Chelsea? Can you post a pic with you carrying it? I was wondering if it's almost the same as Cabas mezzo... I want one as my travel bag.
  13. all your purchase....very cute wedges.
  14. Thanks!! I've never owned anything quite like these shoes-I'm new to designer shoes. I'm also kind of a boring person when it comes to shoes so these are very bling for me:lol:
  15. Hey swanky! Glad to see you up and posting!! Hope you're feeling well!