My Crazy mixed collection!

  1. I've been collecting a year now. I've been through multiple coaches and Mk's but these are my true love! Hope you enjoy!

    Included are:
    Louis Vuitton (LV) speedy monogram 30
    LV pochette
    LV French wallet
    LV neverfull mm damier azur
    LV neverfull damier ebene gm
    LV delightful mm
    Gucci princy
    Gucci signature checkbook wallet
    Coach messenger
    Kate Spade gold coast Campbell
    And the newest baby today.., Chanel " Chain Me" hobo limited edition!


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  2. :cool:lovely collection. i like what i see so far :smile:
  3. Thanks doll! I know its not crazy huge but I live each piece;)

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  4. you are amazing.... fantastic collection. i love it!
  5. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the compliments!

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  6. wow awesome collection, my fav is your chanel, it's so pretty 8)
  7. You have a very nice collection!
  8. Thanks! Chanel is my favorite too! I just got it yesterday!

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  9. Very nice I thought you pick up a LV Eva monogram ?
  10. No, I have lots of LV, but this Chanel was calling my name!

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  11. Great choices, my taste is simillar to yours. All beautiful & functional bags!
  12. I love your collection.. very chic and classic
  13. Oooh love your collection! Very good classic choices. Great investments, i'm sure you'll love those bags in 10 years as much as you do now :smile:
  14. Your pieces are quite nice!
  15. BEAUTIFUL growing collection! I love them all!