My crazy insane marron 04 dilemma

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  1. So, I looovvve the color of my marron 04 twiggy. And the leather is incomparble to anything, like silk. I know, cause I've owned two other cities and a first and the leather is not the same.

    The problem? The back of the bag has been burned and repaired. The leather irritates me beyond belief. See pic.

    So, I have purchased a first for $850. It's a great little bag, with really nice leather, but it's not my twiggy.

    1) Keep the first even though it's a little small and the leather is not like my twiggy.

    2) Keep the twiggy, keep trying to live with the repairs, even though the whole back of the bag drives me nuts.

    3) Keep 'em both and deconstruct the perfectly wonderful first to repair the twiggy. Hell, it's not like like I could sell the twiggy for that much anyway. I paid $675, but I think Bal prices are dropping for used items. This is kind of what I want to do. An insane and expensive solution huh? And I would need reccs to find a shop that could do it properly.


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  2. omg!! your poor twiggy!! :crybaby: i'm just offering my condolences.. it's a tough situation.. i guess you can just keep the twiggy.. it's got more character now..
  3. umm I say get rid of the twiggy keep the first because even if you repair the twiggy it's not going to be the same!
  4. I'd keep the first, hands down! I think the twiggy's nice, but I personally wouldn't want such an extensive repair, even though it was well done. As far as #3, I'm literally cringing at the thought. Uh, DO NOT do THAT. You can eventually sell the first when another twiggy comes along but I think marron's a great color in the first style in the meantime and it may even grow on you.
  5. Sorry to hear that but i wuld keep the first and get rid the twiggy coz i saw the pic and it looks so different than before....i will be upset to keep lookin at that stage of my bag....sigh
  6. ahh I remember the deliciousness of 04 marron leather... best of luck!

    I worry that the classique wouldnt be enough leather to fix the back of the twiggy, so you'd be left with 2 less than perfect bags... :-/
  7. So sad!!! I vote to keep the First and ditch the crazy-making twiggy, and keep on the hunt for another!
  8. whatever you do, please don't sacrifice the first to repair the twiggy! killing the first to repair the twiggy won't really make the twiggy perfect again, right? like surferchick said, you can always sell the first if/when a perfect twiggy pops up. we'll all keep our eyes open for you! :smile:
  9. Sunspark, what a dilemma! I don't know about taking bags apart... that just might make things worse. I hope you make a happy decision.
  10. I agree, keep the first and wait for another marron twiggy to pop up.
  11. sunspark, I remember when you got that twiggy!!! That was wayyyy back! I'm probably the only person on PF who would support you in the crazy hybrid plan, but I've regretted some of my more insane decisions, so um... yeah, be careful. :lol: Is the first really big enough to repair the twiggy? I think if you could replace the entire back panel maybe... but I don't think the first would fit, and I think if you ended up with a panel that was still pieced together, you might regret the whole thing. And man, you'd have to find some kind of fabulous leather craftsperson to handle it... like, an Italian, maybe... in the Balenciaga factory... hehe. Now, instead of hacking up a perfectly good first... what you really need is a marron city in wretched condition that you can get for a real bargain and would have enough leather to really work with, and you wouldn't feel so bad about cannibalizing it... :yes: (Yikes, I'm really getting into this idea - I think I need to get some sleep.)
  12. I agree with all the others, especially louisey! I think the first is surely too small to repair your twiggy? I agree you should try and hunt for another one...
  13. I would support doing the repair too, but don't think that there's a big enough panel of leather on the First to replace the back panel on the twiggy. You could send the bags to Chris @ Artbag and see what he says. He is very, very conservative and will not recommend doing something that will not have good results.
  14. sunspark, I'll offer the most drastic solution... Sell both. You're not in love with either.Sell the First first. Wait until you find a marron city or weekender and then you'll know what to do: either repair the twiggy if you love the style, or sell the twiggy and keep the new bag...
  15. Another reason to not keep the First: if you start collecting the flat brass Firsts, IMO it's better to have the marron in a bigger bag.