my crazy cat

  1. i just had to share this. i got to go in to work late this morning and after i worked out i saw one of my crazy cats lying in his bed and had to take a pic. they love it in the morning when the light shines in the terrace door. even still- what a nutball! lol
  2. haha so adorable! he looks so cute in his bed. thanks for sharing
  3. so cute!!! he put a smile on my face...:smile:
  4. What a life!!!
  5. lol, my cat does that too!
  6. I love it when they do that. It means they feel safe and comfortable in their home.
  7. teehee snuggly!!!
  8. thanks for looking guys! i can't believe i actually got a pic of it. usually when he sees me coming with the camera he runs. lol. i guess it does mean he's comfy huh? big old baby that he is!
  9. How cute!!!
  10. so cute!
  11. Haha he is totally chillin'. The only thing missing is some sunglasses! :supacool:
  12. Cute pic..thanks for sharing!
  13. Aww, thanks H. for the smile. I love it when my dogs do that--like hermesgroupie said, it shows how safe they feel with you. It's a huge compliment.

    Is there anything better than relaxing on a soft bed with the sun coming in?? The simple things in life and what we can learn from our pets.
  14. Gorgeous cat!!!!
  15. thanks guys! i think he needs a nice drink with an umbrella in it. he's a boy but i think he would like the little touch. LOL.

    i always wonder at how happy my boys are just lying in the sunlight and sleeping. the look of pure joy and comfort on their does make you appreciate things more P!