My crazy cat keeps stalking me and pouncing on me. What gives???

  1. So, I've had this crazy boy cat for about 6 months. He's almost 3 years old now. Sometimes he's so sweet and nice. But for some reason he thinks I am his prey. Out of the blue he stalks me and pounces on me especially during his "crazy hours" early in the morning and late in the evening. He only does this to me never to my fiance. I'm starting to think maybe he believes I'm the weakest member of the pride??? He's scratched me pretty good a few times but I'm getting better at thwarting his attacks. When I repel him, he simply slinks away and plots his next move then, with a crazed look in his eyes, he pounces on me again a few minutes later. Does anyone have experience with male cats stalking female members of the household? BTW, he spends most of his time with me. When he's not attacking me, he follows me around and acts really sweet. I'm hoping it's residual kitten energy that will go away with time.
  2. too funny!!! the only time my kitty has stalked me was when my doggie injured himself. i bent down to see what was wrong w/ my dog, and next thing i know there's a cat on my back with his claws in my arse... i was stressed out and crying. as tried to get away from the cat he began to stalk me, so i ran into the bedroom. after a minute i went back down to check on the dog. i could see that the cat was still pretty shook up. the next morning i woke up w/ a nice bruise on my rear. sometimes the same cat stalks me in the bathroom and trys to keep me from going into the shower. other than that he's pretty normal. it seems that cats, like dogs, can feed on fear. when ever i show that i'm uneasy he sometimes acts more agressive. btw he never does this to the hubby. but i love him!!! good luck with your kitty.
  3. Sounds like he's playing with you. They definitely have different relationships with different people. Our one male cat loves my DH...will sit on his lap an cuddle with him but not with me. He will sit next to me on the sofa but no cuddling. When he was younger he and I used to play chase all the time.....semed to be a good way for him to release energy. If your cat is hurting you when he plays this game, you might try yelling in a stern voice.
  4. That is really funny... I really think there is truth to what you say... My cat sucks up so badly to my boyfriend and neevvveeerrr attacks him. He does pounce on me and attack me, however... but watch out if my BF is coming up because then he will either RUN or else he will immediately change his attitude and start rubbing up against his legs.

    My cat is also a male.

    It was the worst when he was about 7 or 8 months old. I think he just had a lot of energy and wanted to play.

    As for male cats stalking female humans, I don't know about this, but male cats DO stalk female cats... if you have a male cat and introduce a female cat, you have to be careful how you do it (as I've now discovered).
  5. LOL, a bit funny..

    Sound to me like he want to play also.....does he have alot of toys...i've found that with cats those fake mice with the catnip in them are fantastic....they love to play with them....also, the catnip grass is another nice way of calming him.

    Keep us updated.
  6. ^Unfortunately he is immune to catnip. I didn't know this but some cats don't get a reaction from it.

    to_the_nines sorry but I keep giggling at the thought of cat claws in your arse. I know it's not funny but it is kinda funny.
  7. My cats have never had any reaction to catnip either.
  8. My previous cat did not react to catnip. The two I have now sure do though.

    My male cat will sporadically pounce on my calf, when I walk out of the bathroom, sinking his teeth into my flesh and grabbing my leg with both paws. Weirdo.
  9. I used to have a female cat who would chase me around during her "night-time frenzies". It probably didn't help that I would scream and run away from her, LOL. AS she got older and fatter she ceased to do this. Have you tried distracting your kitty by pelting him with toys?
  10. ^^ Haha good idea. I'll try that today!
  11. My cat does similiar things to me as well...I got him when he was 2 and have had him since this past May. Out of the blue especially during evening hours he'll hide behind the tv in the bedroom and wait for me to walk by to pounce on me...or other times when I'm walking he'll cut me off and try to trip me. He won't do it to my SO..just me. He's insane.
  12. I have had the same experience with my 3 year old male bengal. I have been looking for someone who has had the same problem as I cannot figure out where his crazy behavior is coming from. I am also the only female in the household and my cat does not attack my boyfriend. It only happens at night, usually when I am near my bed (walking around it or on it). I notice that he is looking at me funny and watching my every move and ducking down low. He will approach me and slowly open his mouth and bite me. It is like he is treating me as if I am his prey. When I push him away from me he ducks down and watches my every move and sways back and forth mimicking my every movement until he closes in on his "target". It is absolutely terrifying and now I always keep a spray bottle of water near my bed because that seems to be the only thing that gets him to snap out of it. This cat is the most gentle, loving, and affectionate cat that I've ever owned other than these nightly instances he has never bitten or scratched anyone ever! The best way I can describe it is that he is temporarily possessed by something. I am his favorite person and I don't know where this behavior comes from, I've always thought that it was the "wild" part in him coming out given that he is a purebred bengal. Is your cat a purebred with any wild in him or is he a domestic cat? Any information on this subject would be useful. Thanks.
  13. My best friend's cat is like that sometimes and no joke it's sometimes a bit terrifying. Quick suggestions are to keep that spray bottle handy but also issue a firm verbal warning (I do a loud "tsk tsk" sound) so he'll associate the reprimand with the sound. Down the road you can just make the noise and he may connect it with "naughty kitty" and stop the behavior so you don't have to keep a water gun with you at all times. (My cat's like that - responds to the noise now; no gun needed.) Don't reinforce the behavior in any way by playing/reacting; turn your back or walk away and refuse to acknowledge him. And most importantly for you - keep those claws trimmed :p
  14. My blind cat did that to me once.I was holding a glass full of water and without thinking I poured the whole thing on his head.He never did that again,lol.It's actually a good thing that I was holding that glass,since he can never be disciplined and trained in any other way.He just doesn't care,and keeps doing what he was doing before :sad:
  15. Lol I cant say I have ever been stalked or pounced on although Elise did pounce on our feet the other night. If I wound Tibs up enough she would leap for my throat to try and kill me...didnt work, I just put my arm up.

    I think Elsa tried to kill me as I was walking down the stairs..I had just grabbed my bfs dressing gown which is miles too big so the belt trails along the floor...Seemed like a great game to Elsa, not so much to me as I felt a tug behind me as I was attempting to walk downstairs.