My Crazy BBag Buying Spree!

  1. I have been so naughty lately, I have managed to obtain 1 bubblegum pink first, 1 lilac first, 1 bubblegum pink city and a dove grey porte monnaie, all in the last month!! I don't know why I can stop finding all these bags that I just HAVE to HAVE. Still my Pink BBag collection is coming along nicely. I wonder if balenciaga will bring out another Pink next year for Spring/Summer....:graucho:
    Pink-BBag-group3.jpg pink-BBag-group2.jpg Pink-BBag-group.jpg
  2. ohhh lovely collection:love: :flowers:
  3. cuute! it's so adorable seeing all those pinks! they look so soft!
  4. nice collection :love:
  5. They are so cute!! Especially love the coin purse in bubblegum pink:love:
  6. oh my goodness!! beautiful!!

    in the last pic, is that pale rose i see in the weekender? i have never seen a weekender in pale rose... so pretty!!
  7. OWW they are soooooooooooooooo cute !! :tender: :love: :tender:
    Your collection is beautiful!! :heart: :heart:
    Thanks for share!! xx
  8. Beautiful Pinks!
  9. HandbagAddict4Ever, congrats :yahoo: you have a GREAT collection!
  10. Thanks girls! :yes: Yes that is a pale rose weekender and there is the make up clutch to match.
  11. wow... u are so cute :P
    i can imagine u in person and your wardrobe style with these colours u choose
  12. handbag, bubblegum pink is my alll time favorite bal color! great bags:love:
  13. Aww thanks sweetie :kiss: Lets just say people don't have to know me to know what my favourite colour is!! The other day my hairdresser was saying how much she loved my pink BBag and the matching coin purse! Then she looked down and saw I was wearing my Pink Camper trainers! I have always loved Hello Kitty and I am 27 years old!! I think that is where the pink obsession stemed from!
  14. Woah! Great collection!!!!!! I love all your pinks! I do hope Bal. release a new pink for the upcoming Spring/Summer season (esp. if it's like the 2004 Rose)
  15. You need to get a Magenta now ... doesn't that count as being in the "pink" family? ;)