my crappy kooba story..... :( .....

  1. :wondering :mad: I just recently ordered a black kooba paige from jessie boutique when they were having a HUGE sale. I ended up paying like 260 for it. When I received it I was SO happy with it...the leather was great! As I was trying it on with all my stuff in it, one of the studs that connects the strap to the actual body of the bag just popped apart. I was LIVID! I literally had JUST taken the bag out of its delivery box! I examined it and you could tell that the stud had never even been fully connected in the first place. I called Jessie boutique and they were really cool about it...they told me that I could contact kooba myself, or they would for me. I just did it myself......several emails later....Kooba pretty much said that they wouldnt fix it no matter what. They said that bc I didnt buy it from their website or an actual kooba boutique they wouldnt do it. Needless to say...I was pretty outraged. I gave them the name of Jessie Boutique and they even ackowledged that they were an authorized dealer, but still would not replace/repair my bag. I called Jessie back and they were also pretty outraged. I told them that I was just going to take it to a leather shop and they told me to send them the receipt and they would pay for it. I am really dissapointed with Kooba....this was my second bag, and I have to say....I don't know if I will be buying any more after this incident. That is just UNACCEPTABLE for the price you pay...if I would have payed full price I probably would have let them have it. They should have DEFINATELY done something for me, ya know? It sux b/c I was starting to become a HUGE Kooba fan. Has anyone else ever had to deal with this kinda of stuff...defected bag...crappy service....????
  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your Paige!

    Can you return the bag to the original boutique?
  3. No....bc it was a final sale they wont let me return it, but they have been trying to help me. They told me that this was ridiculous and that they would contact kooba and get it taken care of I wanted to or they would front the bill for a repair on the studd. I just decided to get the studd repaired bc 1) I didnt want to deal with kooba and 2) it would take forever bc I would have to send it to Jessie Boutique in Fl and they they would have to send it all the way to LA to Kooba. When I went to the leather repair shop the guy had a studd that was almost identical to the Kooba one, which was good. I also couldnt exchange it bc most of the koobas sold out and all of the paiges did. pretty much everything about this situation sucks.
  4. Yikes... that is unfortunate. I am glad you were able to get the stud repaired. It's strange that they wouldn't honor a return after selling you a defective product - I would think that would be the one exception to the rule. :sad:
  5. yeah i know......I think that if I would have made a big deal about returning it they probably would have returned it but I still loved the bag ya kno? I just wanted it fixed bc it is an awesome just awes me that a brand that charges $600 for a purse can not even remember to put a stud in OR jump to make things better.....errr.....
  6. I can't blame you for being disappointed and upset. At least Jessie Boutique was doing the right thing by you and that it doesn't sound like a difficult fix. But no, I've never had a problem with any of my four bags with the exception of a missing hangtag (the brown thread was half there) on a Lena from Saks and evidence of someone putting their stuff into it...a teeeeny pen mark. Who knows? They could have used it for awhile...I called them to let them know and she checked to see if they had another..(it too was a clearance marked way down) and there were none on sale anywhere. So she said they could take it back but I decided to keep it. She said that she would send me a $25.00 gift card and to order my next item thru her and she would give me 10% off. She really couldn't have been nicer and I promptly received the gift card as promised. All of the bags have been in good shape as far as construction. Sorry to hear of your bad experience. It's always iffy to buy things sight unseen...especially a pricey handbag, but sometimes it's the only way to get a truly good bargain.
  7. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. It's good you can get it fixed and Jessie is going to reimburse you. For the record, I've dealt with both places - I have nothing but great things to say about Jessie Boutique. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Kooba. I've written them many times in the past, only to have my emails go unreplied - or to get a reply that was entirely unhelpful. Really, Kooba does have the worst customer service. I'm not exactly sure why I still buy their bags, but I do! :yes:
  8. I am so sorry to hear about that incident. I just know that I will probably physically run down to my nearest Saks or Nordstroms and buy it when I see it in person right then and there just in case something like that would happen to me. I don't think I could stand it. I am so sorry that happened to you.
  9. That is crappy!
    First off, final sale or not, they should have offered to have you return for a full refund. I can't imagine not making this allowance for defective bags.

    I have never had to contact Kooba but I have heard they don't do well with customer service. I guess it is their service to not take back bags that are not from their boutiques. Probably leaving returns to the authorized dealer. Think of how many fake bags that might be sent to them if they accepted returns. So I can see that in that respect.
    I'm glad you got the bag fixed and the boutique was willing to help, if not bend over backwards.
    Please don't let it discourage you from the bags. I've got over a dozen koobas and not one of mine has had problems. You just got unlucky with a Bum Bag.
  10. What a crappy experience!!
    I heard nothing but bad things about customer service at Kooba....I too have never contacted them....
    I think it's great that you found someone to fix it..and that the boutique will reimburse you...
    Call me crazy but I still think the bag is worth is once fixed at that price!! I paid full price for my paige and love every inch of it...
    Hopefully you can put this behind you and enjoy the bag now!!
  11. hi! i HAVE had the same thing happen to me...i was in the hospital having a heart monitor hooked up and a stud popped off my new kooba...good thing i was wearing the monitor! (joking aside, i'm fine)...i brought it right back to bloomingdales and got a new one...the same thing happened with my first sienna...i know, i probably should not buy bags taht studs fall off of, but i love the koobas...i've heard their customer service su**s...
  12. Sorry to hear that the folks over at Kooba are being such jerks about it, especially when you purchased from an authorized dealer. You would think they would stand by their product if you purchased through the proper channels. :mad:
  13. aw i am so sorry to hear that happened i would be FURIOUS!!!!!!! ugh

    but really dont let it make you feel like you cant buy one of the kooba bags again :sad: they are so great
    and that sucks so much :sad: maybe with time youll feel better about it but i am so sorry i would be pissed too
  14. WOW, I really can't believe, horrible!:yucky:
  15. yeah...i just LOVE kooba handbags so much too!!!! I also know that they are handmade and humans are not perfect....i say that i dont know if i will be buying another kooba.....but i think that it is just bc i am so just love them so much i know i will probably be a future kooba buyer