My Craigslist debacle

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  1. Sooo I've been looking for a Thames GM in damier and one of my searches low and behold I find one on craigslist and the woman lives a few miles from me. I email, she emails back saying her mother just passed away and she'll get back with me. Two days go by and she emails again. We meet up a few days later and she shows me the bag. I told her I wanted to take pictures and to think about it(and of course get it authenticated) all of that goes fine. Get the bag authenticated, aOK. Call her back, we arrange to meet and she cancels. Says she'll call me the next day, nothing. So I call her today and she tells me that she can't sell the bag, it was a gift from her mother(she was carrying the same bag in the pm size when we met up and told me that she really meant to sell that one) Not that I'm going to beg her for the bag, but it sure is a disappointment. The ad was up since mid January. She says she'll call me in a few days, as she says she still just can't decide. Seems her daughter just wants her to give it to her, gift from grandmother or not. I probably wouldn't want to sell a LV bag my mother bought me either. Oh well, everything happens for a reason I guess...but I sure was hoping to be carrying that cute bag around by now. :sad:
  2. Craigslist is a strange place. I have sold LV on craigslist. There are serious buyers and then get many strange people.

    This one time I wanted to buy a speedy damier 25. The lady said I could meet her around 2:00pm. I did a good research on the bag and see what to look for if there were any red flags. I printed out many colored pics for reference. Anyways, we drove around 45 minuted to get to the mall where we were suppose to meet.

    Waited, waited and waited with my kids and husband. Then she e-mails me that she is running late. So, I e-mail her back saying that I am waiting. So after almost waiting 1 hour, I checked my e-mail. She wrote that she had a change of heart and she is sorry for that. What a shame !!!!
  3. I'm sorry for the run-around, although yes, selling items of a loved one who just passed is really hard! But also a sad situation for you because you were so excited about it. But luckily she has your email, so in a month or two she might be ready to move on.

    Or you might find one for a better $$!
  4. I swear, it always seems like either the seller or the buyer causes problems on craigslist. I absolutely hate it when people don't call back or respond. I always seem to have okay luck on eBay, though my boyfriend prefers Amazon :smile:

  5. Can you buy and sell LV on amazon? I have never seen or heard of that being done
  6. I wish, but it was a pretty decent price. I'll probably end up paying more for it from someone else unfortunately. I guess it seemed to good to be true, the entire transaction just seemed too easy. blah
  7. I was looking at the threads and thought I would post a follow up to this, she ended up emailing me months later to ask if I still wanted the bag. I was like really?? I ended up finding one from somewhere else and never really even liked the bag. I just sold it for a loss. Lesson learned. Now I try to only buy from places that have a return policy, and haven't been on CL since. :smile: