My crafty DH and his little games...with pics!

  1. Today was my last day at work for a month - it's been busy for me! I'm leaving on Sunday for Arizona to learn my new Army specialty and I also just got hired into my budget position for the State Aviation Office. I get home in March, and 10 days later DH leaves to learn his new Army specialty (flight medic) in Texas for 4 months! We'll miss Valentine's Day, and all of our anniversaries :push: But that is neither here nor there as it comes along with the territory and we're used to it :biggrin:

    I guess DH thought I deserved something for getting a new job/going to a school and subsequently getting promoted/Valentine's Day/being his wife/being Candace so he did something sneaky!!! What oh what could have have done?:confused1:
  2. What ... what... what did he do???:shocked:
  3. a bag with matching accessories!!!
  4. Well I come inside and deal with the doggies by feeding them and taking them outside to potty and all the boring stuff...I got a new hoodie and flip flops in the mail that I was pumped about because I wanted to take them to Arizona with me :biggrin:
    hoodie1.JPG flipflops.JPG
  5. Then I go into the kitchen and start rummaging around for snacks :biggrin: I'm a hungry little bunny at the end of work so I was ready for something to eat! I wander back into the living room and go to sit down and read my new issue of Newsweek. But then I saw something interesting on my computer! I thought: Did TPF come to life?????????:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  6. awwww!!! how cute!
  7. Well, as fun as that would be, tpf did not come to life as I was hoping :upsidedown:

    But I did find that it was something that would assuage my disappointments :shame:

    Why, I said, that looks like a Hamptons medium carryall!!!!! Where did it come from?:shrugs:
    I don't think it came from my puppy, she looked a little busy...
  8. OOOOOO !!!! :drool:

    (yer dog is crackin me up)
  9. It could only be from one person!!!!!

    My other dog, Spirit!!!!
  10. [​IMG]
    I love the bag and I adore your puppy! :love:
  11. Awww what a great gift!!! Congrats!
  12. No, I don't think it was from Spirit :upsidedown: If she had opposable thumbs, though, she would be on tPF too! (she has her own little purse for when we go hiking and she loves to wear it. It's blue :love:)

    Well, I think I figured out who it was from!
  13. You tell the best story!!! HAHA!!!! I'm ready to hear more!!!! CONGRATS on the new Coach AND on having a GREAT hubby!!!! :smile:
  14. OMG! What a romantic lil' devil you have there. That is soooooo dang awsome!!!:nuts::yes:

  15. Wow What a sweetie!!! You are a lucky girl!! She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

    I might get a card for V day :push: