My crackled patent light beige/blush classic flap!

  1. Hi all, I got my crackled patent leather med. classic flap in the blush color!! The color is so pretty! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I can't believe I was able to get the last one (and it's not display) from Vegas NM when I called them last Saturday! Apparently it was on hold for someone who never came back so the SA sold it to me!! The 1st pic is with flash light and the 2nd pic is without.

    I :heart: this bag a lot, but it is almost perfect b/c the only thing about this bag is the CC clasp already has some scratches when it comes, I know that a lot of these bags have some scratches on the hardware already even when they are brand new in the store... and ok, yes, you cannot really see them unless you inspect the CC clasp real close under the light, but scratches always kinda bother me....but I called both Beverly Hill and newport beach NM and the bag is already sold out in these 2 local stores so I cannot really exchange.

    Since I can only use my Visa card (NM closed my NM card last year), I can only shop at Vegas NM since they are the only one that accept Visa and Master card (i don't have AE card either), and I know NM will not accept return from me (exchange would be ok I guess) so I cannot like search and order another one to be mailed to me from Vegas (if vegas NM is able to transfer one from another NM store) and pick a better one between the 2, and I must hold on to this one since it is a very hard to find bag now and I really love it....I guess I should just get used to the scratches since eventually, as many of you already know, scratches do show up over time after uses....I am just always so concerned with even one tiny little scratch on my brand new you think I am just too crazy over these little scratches?

    I think some of us have asked about what to do to fix/remove the scratches b4 on this forum too but I guess there's not much we can do unless if the scratches are just too bad then we can have Chanel fix/replace the clasp? I wish there's some kinda scratch remover we can use on the hardware... :confused1:
    DSC01828.JPG DSC01830.JPG
  2. I love your new classic flap! The color is to die for! But I wouldn't exchange it for a bag without scratches if you have to look closely for the scratches already on yours. Scratches happen and I don't think they're noticable. Congratulations, I love it! :heart:
  3. Very lovely!! You should post pics modeling that beautiful bag for us!
  4. Skinny, I will post more pics I think this I am just back from work and I look like crap after a long day.....I need to pick cute clothes to match this bag!
  5. lol yeah me too...i have my classic flap waiting for me to take a pic with it!!
  6. aw, hikarupanda!! the blush patent bag makes me go nuts! i love love love that color. it's so pretty and feminine. congrats!
  7. thanks jen, would you worry much about the scratches on the clasp? Maybe I should focus on the beautiful things about this bag instead....and start thinking about what to wear to match it...
  8. LOVES it! Congrats hikaru!
  9. And I wouldn't sweat the scratches!
  10. THANK YOU TO YOU nerdphanie!!!! you know I have seen pics of this bag since Dec. but I never thought I would want it so much that I actually buy it, not until I saw pics of you carrying yours!!!!! I was like :drool: when I saw your pics!!
  11. ahhhh it's TDF!!! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love: you and selena are both oh so lucky!
  12. i wouldn't worry about the scratches, hikaru! i know alot of times you'd feel alot better if you were the person putting the scratches there, but i'm sure you can't even notice them. it's a beautiful bag, so enjoy it!
  13. congratz!! this bag is pretty!! :love::love:
  14. congratulations!! hikarupanda.:smile:)) it's the most unique color I have ever seen. I have never seen any other name brand came out a color like this.:smile:)) it's very nice.I cannot really tell the scratches from your pic. maybe if you could shown a pic with scratch??
  15. thanks, i can't seem to take pics that clearly show the camera loses focus when I get too close...