My Cousin's Hedgehog

  1. My cousin has a pet hedgehog, Bronson.

    He's a cutie!

    I haven't seen pictures of hedgehogs on here before, so I thought I'd share some pics of Bronson. :smile:


  2. awww!! HOW CUTE!!
  3. how adorable!^-^
  4. LOL cute!!
  5. I love his name... :roflmfao:
  6. He is very cute! I love his hat. Do you know where your cousin got him from?
  7. Omg, so cute! Are they really prickley? I've never seen a hedgehog in real life!
  8. He's a bit prickly. He quills up if he gets frightened, by sudden movements and loud noises and such. Other than that, he's a pretty mellow little guy. They're nocturnal so he's mainly up at night.
  9. Attached is the other picture I tried to post (that isn't showing).
  10. LoL.. She named him Bronson right after Arroyo got traded from the Red Sox..
  11. wat a CUTIE~!!
  12. So cute! I love hedgehogs. He looks pretty stylish with that hat.
  13. That hat is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh!
  14. OMG!! How cute! I think I want one. I dont know how SO is going to react to me wanting one, though. He wont even let me have a hamster :sad:. Maybe if I constantly beg he will give in!

    Are they expensive to maintain?