My Cousins Book Is Released "Beauty Confidential" Also Appearing On The Today Show!!

  1. I am so happy for my cousin Nadine Haobsh!! :smile:

    Her book is finally out and I recommend it to the ladies on tPF...

    Here is the link "Beauty Confidential"

    She is also going to appear on the Today Show tomorrow.:yahoo:

    You can also check out her famous blog on her website
  2. :tup: How cool!

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Your cousin is Jolie in NYC? How cool.
  4. Ya! Thats her... Have you read about Jolie in NYC?
  5. HA!!! It came from Amazon to my front door step TODAY!! I love it, and how it is written. I can not wait to get into it. Im only in chapter one. Its a FUN read! LOVE IT! YEAH FOR YOU CUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY... That is soooo cool..
    I cant believe someone on tPF actually has her book.. :tup: Thats frekin awesome..

    I didn't know her book was going to be that famous..... If you have the time, can you make a review on Amazon for her book, that would be so nice of you......

    She is a little disappointed today because she was supposed to be on the today show today, but they bumped her until next Thursday..
  7. I will totally write a review for her when Im done! I bought it becuase you had mentioned it in another thread and I ordered it that day. HEY if I ever write a book you can buy one of mine! lol My friend Meg Cabot was on the Today show the other day and I loved seeing her on was so cool!!! SO, I will tune in tomorrow as well. What an exciting time for your cousin! So great. (I really am enjoying the book, Im not just saying that!)
  8. How cool, Prince! That's awesome that she'll be on the Today Show, too!! Do you know what time this show is on in the morning, I definitely want to watch!!

    And Sunshine, I can't believe you know Meg Cabot!!!! When I was younger, I read her books all the time. One of my all time favorite books by her is All American Girl, I would read it over and over again! Very cool!
  9. You're a total sweetheart.. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that..
  10. At this point I don't know exactly what time, but it might be on Thursday, I will keep you updated...:yes:
  11. That is great!! What an accomplishment!
  12. That is so cool Abdullah!! Has she been on? How'd she do? Im going to check out her book.
  13. I really like her sight its fun. plus who isnt in love with sephora!!! she makes me feel like its ok to buy 5 eyeshadows at one time even when I dont need them! i'll buy the book for sure!!
  14. WOW! So cool. I will have to check out this book!
  15. Thank you all so much for your support!! A bunch of SWEETHEARTS...:love: