my cousin needs help! dr. phil?!

  1. Haha my cousin needs help choosing a bag, so I came to ask for help from the Dr. Phil's of LV! (I just saw White Chicks, so Dr. Phil is in my head!)

    My cousin wants a small shoulder bag, that just fits just the essentials. I cant think enough to help her well! hahaa. She said she wants it with one short strap, in the Mono, Damier, or Vernis collection. All I could think of is the Pochette Croissant, Pochette Marelle, and the Pochette Accesories.


    And if possible, post actual pics of them!
  2. i have the Pochette Marelle and the white Multicolore Shirley. they can both be used as clutches or shoulder bags :yes:

    oh, and don't get the Pochette Accessoires. it's too common, overrated and faked to death!
    pochette marelle shoulder 003.jpg shirley 003.jpg
  3. I have the pochette croissant and I love it! and I haven't seen very many people with should def consider it! I find it very roomy with a very elegant is a pic! I hope this helps!
    DSC03983.jpg DSC03984.jpg
  4. Pochette Marelle is my first choice. Never seen a fake one and it's just gorgeous!
  5. Croissant is very nice, it's difficult to fake the shape because the seaming at the bottom is hard to do period. Also, have you considered the recital as well ?

  6. I can relate. I prefer small shoulder bags most of the time since I tend to travel light. I have the Pochette Cite and the Damier Ravello PM. The Pochette Cite is nice because it has an outside zippered pocket. I keep my DL, Mastercard, and cash in there for easy access. I recently got the Ravello PM and really like it. It's my first Damier piece. Let us know what she decides!
  7. I second the suggestion for the recital. It's such a cute bag and holds quite a bit.

    And I thought White Chicks was hilarious. :roflmfao:
  8. What about a Petit Noe or a Damier Illovo PM?
  9. the damier illovo is nice and so is the ravello
  10. yes, the Recital is also a good choice :yes:. it's similar enough to the Pochette Accessoires without being as common. plus the little flap top is so unique.
  11. The Recital sounds perfect for what she's looking for. I love mine!!!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    We went shopping today, and she ended up getting the Croissant. Im jealous.... I want one.
  13. awsome! that's great to hear!! congrats on her new bag! so reynaldoc...did you get anything, if not the croissant!!! I hope you did!!
  14. I got Gucci sunglasses!

    I love them, theyre a style I dont see anywhere, just once and awhile

    I loooove em.
  15. Congrats to you and your cousin!