My cousin just bought Neverfull PM.

  1. After I introduced her to Coach bags, my cousin, who lives in Thailand, bought Carly. Then she wanted to buy more Coach bags so I told her "why don't you buy LV?" She never had LV bag before. She went to an LV boutique with me once when I bought my Papillon 26. So she found Neverfull PM pictures and and asked me if she should buy it. I told her if she tried it on and she liked it, she should buy it. So she did and she just sent me pictures of her new bag. It's her first LV and she likes it. I'm very happy for her :smile::smile:.
    neverfull_pm.JPG neverfull_carly.JPG
  2. congrats
  3. The PM is sooo cute! Congrats to your cousin...Now only if it was that easy to convince my Coach-loving sisters to cross over!!
  4. You are such a cool cousin!
  5. congrats and lovely bag..:tup:
  6. Congrats on your cousin's neverfull !!
  7. cool, it's lovely! tell her congrats! hehe
  8. I like both.. the coach too!
  9. oh no! your going to make your cousin get addicted and go broke!
  10. Congrats to your cousin! It's a cute bag!
  11. Congrats to your cousin! I love the Neverfull PM.
  12. Thanks for the size comparison, I haven't tried it IRL yet and plan on buying from eLux for my 16th birthday... but I have tried the Carly! Both bags are beautiful!
  13. Congrats to you cousin!
  14. Congrats to your cousin! It's beautiful!
  15. What a wonderful enabler you are! And now you have a cousin to share your purse addiction! Such beautiful choices too :tup: