My cousin called and

  1. Ok my cousin has this amazing white balenciaga bag! don't remember what it's called but she is got a new one in a different color and wanted to know if I wanted her old one! I am so excited:yahoo::wlae::party:

    I of course told her YES!!!!
    She is mailing it today

    I have never had one so I can't wait
  2. Oh how nice! Congrats and be sure to post a picture of it once it arrives!
  3. No problem!
  4. Very nice cousin.
  5. Be sure to post pictures when you get it! Congrats!:yahoo:
  6. ooh, very nice.. post pic wearing that please :P
  7. What a nice cousin you have!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.
  8. Congrats! That was a very kind gesture on your cousin's part. Enjoy the bag!
  9. awesome! damn I need me some fashionista cousins! ;) congrats!
  10. cool!!! you're cousin is great!!! weeeeeeeee heeeeeeeee!!! a b-bag has found a new home!!! this is awesome!!!
  11. What a cool cousin! Congrats!
  12. Wow! What a score. Post pics when you get her. Congratulations.

    The only thing my cousin gave me was headlice.
  13. yay! so happy for you. wished i had a cousin like yours.
  14. im so happy for ya~~can't wait to see pics!!!!!
  15. congratulations - you must be a pretty nice cousin for her to offer.