My cousin bought a fake, what to do?!?

  1. Last week, my sweet baby cousin, who knows I love Coach called to tell me a store in our hometown was selling Coach bags at a deep discount. She told me she got a Mandy for $150. I was instantly skeptical and asked her a million questions. She told me that the owner said they were irregulars and that she was able to get them because she knew someone who worked for a company that gets them from Coach. Yeah right, I thought, but I reserved my final judgment until I saw the bag in person. Oh yeah, it's fake. Now, I don't want to tell her it's fake, because I don't want to hurt her feelings. Should I just try to report the store that is selling these bags? What would you do?
  2. I would def. tell her it is a fake, you might hurt her feelings at first, but she will thank you in the long run. How horrible would that be to run around carrying a bag and NOT EVEN KNOW it is a fake?

    I would also report the store that is selling them. I have a store in my hometown that sells fakes and I reported them. Nothing has happened yet, but I am hoping something will, at least the items get removed from the store.

    Good luck with it and keep us posted.
  3. I agree. Report the store. What a scam!
  4. oh man, that's hard. i agree with rethreads, i'd tell her in the nicest way and then let her know to report them.
    maybe she can get hermoney back? 150 bucks is a lot of money to waste.
  5. I agree you should tell her kindly that the bag is a fake and specifically why it's fake. She should take it back and demand a refund.
  6. Def. tell her its fake b/c $150 for a fake!? She could use that $150 to go and buy herself a real Coach purse. She should try to go get her money back and after they give it back then report them!
  7. Its hard but tell her so she can get her money back and report the store. I feel bad for her.
  8. I agree with other posters. Tell her. She could get a lot at an outlet or even some Coach from a boutique for $150. She should go back and demand her money. You could also tell her counterfiting (sp?) is illegal and supports child labor, sweatshops, and terrorism. Also say that the fake will break easily, and she may as well save up for a real one that will last a VERY long time.
  9. I agree. That is just wrong.