my country doesnt confirm addresses and ive reached my paypal limit

  1. i am soo soo bummed.
    i have been on eBay since a couple of years and was registered through the Uk as thats where i lived before. now im in monaco so i changed my address and needed to confirm it. i was travelling when the code came and never used it.
    so i set up a new card to get a new code but that didnt work as i later found out from paypal.
    after lots of arguing and fighting with them over the obvious big balance i have from previous sales, they gave me the "honour" to unblock my account so i can transfer the amount into my bank.
    now, it is quite common in france in general to accept personal cheques.
    however, am i losing on a bigger audience not having paypal?
    what can i do?
    i have so many things i wanna buy and so many amazing bags i wanna sell. not to mention a very drool worthy collection of louboutins that dont fit me:tdown:

    i have a dilemma:confused1:

    thanks for any suggestions:wlae:
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand the problem..I bet other's feel the same've had viewers but no answers.

    Why are you limited with Pay Pal? You can't be confirmed to buy..but why can't you take payments?

    Sorry to appear dense..I live in the US and deal regularly with buyers in western Europe. They all pay by Pay Pal and I have paid them this way.
  3. Confirming your address shouldn't affect you accepting and making payments through PayPal. I know they put a limit on how much you can use your credit card, but that would be you paying through PayPal. I believe it's $2000 or so and then they want you to become verified, which is different from confirming your address. It sounds like PayPal wants you to become verified, in which case they want you to attach a checking account to your PayPal account. If I am understanding your issue correctly, I think this is all you need to do and you should be fine.

    Vicki :smile:
  4. thanks Vicki,

    yes i meant "verified".
    the problem is that Monaco is an independent country and not included in the country list. so even though i got the 4 digit code in the beginning, when i spoke to them on the phone about this they said they made a mistake to even send it out in the first place!!:cursing:

    the problem is i have reached my limit with my paypal account being unconfirmed.. and now they wont let me confirm it unless i register another account with a bank account in another country!:sos:

    so me thinks i will just close that account and open another paypal account from my monaco account.. they wont even notice (like the first time)?
  5. Wow, that's strange! So they won't let you attach your bank account so you can be verified if you live in Monaco? PayPal is really annoying sometimes. They have all of these rules, but then they don't allow you to follow the rules, so you are screwed. For example the confirmed address thing. Most people in other countries besides the U.S., Canada, and the UK can't confirm their addresses. A lot of my eBay sales are to other countries. So I either take my chances or I don't sell to those countries because I am not covered by their "seller protection" because THEIR system won't allow all of these other countries to confirm their addresses. It's so stupid! Enough of my rant...

    Have you considered using something else like BidPay? I hear they are supposed to be pretty good and their fees are a little lower than PayPal. That way you can accept Visa and M/C. I have it on my listings. No one has actually paid me with it yet, because I have PP on their too. It might be a good alternative for you. :smile: Or you can open a new account like you said. PayPal is so stupid...
  6. thank you for ranting with me :smile:

    will have a look at bidpay. otherwise i suppose ill just try opening a new account!
    it is soooo annoying :sad:
  7. a lot of people don't like bid pay . would try and sort out paypal . nightmare .
  8. OP: Thanks for explaining...I came back to your post to find out. It is a shame they are kind of forcing you to take this step. Since you came from the UK they should be able to know who you are...