My Cotton Signature Large Carly in Chocolate - **PICS** !!

  1. Finally!!

    I really love this bag and I am glad I held off on the other Carlys until this one! It's just sooooo sweeeet :yahoo:





  2. Oh and the inside is solid tan twill. :smile:
  3. gorgeous! :love:
  4. And for those who haven't seen the info elsewhere, this bag was $428 and will be released next month, however your SA can order it for you from the DC right now. I think it will probably sell out fast, so I recommend doing that if you can.
  5. :drool:

    I was never a carly lover until JUST now...

    Can you post a picture modeling it?


    GORG bag!! Enjoy it!
  6. This is the large size, right??? Is it really big or do you think it's just right?? Ohhhh it is gorgeous!!! i can't stand it. i need to order one tomorrow!!! I wonder how the denim one will look???? Thanks for the pics. Lucky girl.
  7. It's gorgeous! Congrats!! I'd love to get one but I'm TRYING to be good. Really I am! (Kallison... quit laughing! I know you are!)
  8. Mm, it's so yummy. Congrats!
  9. Yes, it's the large size. It's a big bag, but looks good on me and I am 5' 1". In fact I asked my coworker today, who knows nothing about bags, what she thought and she said the size was fine on my body. The bottom of the bag does not extend past my hips.

    The slouchiness in the center of the bag actually helps in diminishing the size. As does the short shoulder strap.

    I won't be able to post a modeling pic until later when my husband gets home...
  10. I bet the denim one will look SO HOT!! Too bad I am on a ban now. Heh. We'll see how long that lasts.
  11. No way! This is gorgeous! I may have to up my bag limit.
  12. :whistle:
  13. OMG!! I am in love!!!!!!!!
  14. so pretty!! congrats!!
  15. Beautiful! I am probably ordering this tomorrow. :drool: How is the weight...say, compared to the large Ergo tote?