My correspondence with a hilarious fake Hermes power seller

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  1. So, I saw a scarf on craigslist that I thought was authentic at first. I shoot the seller an email (first email at bottom). The next day I check the photo again. It's a horrible fake. And then the tells 20 hilarious lies, trying to cover up her original story, embarrassed by the fact that she was caught with a fake. Or not -- she then denies it. Then she confesses that she sells fakes. Then.. :wtf: .. she says she's a powerseller. (You must start at the bottom of the email, where the correspondence begins.)

    You just said you sold fake Louis Vuitton. You lie so much you can't even continue with the same story.

    You don't know what you're talking about, obviously. But I would expect that from someone who has never owned a real Hermes, and whose only experience is with hideous fakes. Hermes silk scarves, not cashmere shawls, sell for $325 in the US. Here's s reference:

    Silk twill scarf (36"x 36"), hand rolled
    Ref. 002374s02

    And when did I ever mention selling on eBay? I don't have a seller's account. The link I gave you was for a scarf which was on my watch list. Why would I buy it from you for $50 and then sell for $51?

    But anyway, as I said, have fun with that ugly fake. You said you have a coat that matches? Fabulous, flaunt that fake! No one can tell, really...

    On Aug 18, 2007, at 11:22 PM, Lisa wrote:

    You're just mad you couldn't sell it that's all. Sour grapes. You offered $50. then when I told you you couldn't sell you suddenly didn't want it. 3rd grade behavior. I'm a power seller, I'd never sell a fake nor have I ever lied to anyone about anything. I don't need to, I make enough money with my regular clothes. If I wanted to sell fakes I could easily do it. You don't even have a clue as to retail prices for God's sake. Do your homework before spouting. Hermes has a website (that's a freebie for ya) they post their prices there. $325. scarves haven't existed since the 70's. God you're a dummy.

    Paris wrote:
    Hmm... I bet you conveniently left out that it was fake in your auction. Hermes scarves are $325. I never had any intention of selling on eBay. I don't even have a seller's account. You're a horrible liar. And have fun with that hideous fake.. when I took a look at it in the daytime, its inauthenticity was hilariously obvious.

    On Aug 18, 2007, at 8:06 AM, Lisa wrote:

    Hand sewn European silk scarves sell for $100.-$200. which I can't afford at the moment so keep your money and I'll happily keep my scarf. I could never afford the original anyway since they're $900-$1200. BTW I posted that it was a replica, you just thought you'd buy it and sell it on eBay. I know the drill, that's where I sell. Another BTW, I sold a fake designer LV on CL for $100. so good replicas go for lots of cash. Do some more research before setting out into the world of online retail.....

    Paris wrote:
    Sorry, I didn't know it wasn't authentic. I don't buy fakes.

    On Aug 14, 2007, at 3:34 PM, Lisa wrote:

    Ok, sure. Mine got reported his sold. I'll take $50. otherwise I'll keep it since it goes with a blue/gold winter coat I have.

    Paris wrote:
    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    How about $50? Let me know.


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