My corny TPF handbag charms :P

  1. I am bored LOL..

    It's corny but kinda cute...:P



  2. Aww they're cute!

    Where did you get those bag charms? It looks like there's a LV and a Fendi there lol...
  3. i see a fendi bbag and lv linda
  4. Yes they are that's why I got them. I got it from Ebay..
  5. that is cute i don't think it's corny I think it's quasi-original
  6. Bags~ I Love your red speedy pics! I am debating on changing out my vernis red thompson street for a epi red speedy? What do you think? Tomorrow I am going to wear the Vernis and give it a try first....then post a pic. Sorry to tread on your thread... but I was meaning to talk to you about it:shame: Do you have the red vernis thompson street? I thought maybe I saw a pic? Thanks...:flowers:
  7. hehe so cute! I love the B Bag
  8. heehee cute! that turquoise colour would make an amazing fendi b. bag!

    You're so cute.. first the "franges" charm and now this! Keep up that creativity! I love it!
  9. that is so cute!
  10. Nita!! I absolutely love all of those charms!! They are just so adorable!! May I ask where did you get them? I know you got them on ebay, but from what seller? you can PM me if you like...I've been on the search for cute charms to put on my speedy, but I'm stumped as to what looks best! I was gonna go for juicy charms...but they run about $50 each...despite the fact I spend so much on bags, I can't get myself to buy the charms, the pastilles or the inclusion speedy...I love yours much better!! so cute!!:flowers:
  11. I love the little sandal with TPF written on it!!!! :smile:
  12. I think that is so cute!
    And love your RED EPI HOT!

  13. Thanks, I love red epi speedy. Sorry I don't have red thompson but I do have red reade pm and lexington. I think I only need one messenger style bag that's why I never really interested in thompsn before. I am speedy kind gal ..I love red. I personally prefer speedy than Thompson..
  14. Soooooo Cute!!!

  15. Hi Jaime, I thought about JC charms too but it's too pricey and plus all adds up and I would rather get LV key chain. It's only cost me less than $15 for the whole thing :P

    Here's the link: eBay: DESIGNER STYLE HANDBAG SHOE FASHION EURO CHARM BRACELET (item 220034738829 end time Nov-03-06 17:46:26 PST)