My cornflower twiggy is here!

  1. The color is TDF and i'm absolutely in love:love: Thanks to the guardian angel for hooking me up...;)
    Cornflower1.JPG Cornflower4.JPG
  2. :yes: Let me be the first to say:

  3. tod, congrats on your cornflower twig! lovely!
  4. That looks exactly like my lilac in terms of the distressing and the matte texture of the leather! I think there might be some hope for the 2006s YET!!!! :love:
  5. Yea my Cornflower Twiggy looks the same as well.
  6. Tod it looks gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  7. Yay Tod!!! Congrats! Very pretty colour:smile:)
  8. Thanks guys!:flowers: This one I got has almost no shine... but even more than that, it's the color that's soooo gorgeous!:upsidedown: :heart:
  9. I love cornflower :smile:
  10. ^^^giggles, do you have pics posted somewhere? I'd love to see yours:biggrin:
  11. congrats TOD, it looks so yummy.......
  12. Great color! Great bag! Congrats!
  13. Yay! Congratulations!
  14. I love the color too! CORNFLOWER!!!