My Cornflower First Looks Parched!

  1. Please give me tips on keeping your bags looking hydrated and shiny and delicious!
  2. moving to care & feeding
  3. That link directed me to another main page.

    I've read through some about LMB products and even skin care moisturizers. Then I read that some will discolor the bag and darken the handles.

    From what I've seen in pictures, the LMB makes the bag really shiny - but I wonder if the leather actually drinks it in - because that's really what mine could use.

    I need to get some moisturizer on my bag as soon as possible.

    If someone could just drop a couple of well-known solutions as a reply, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Lots of life chaos right now - Sorry for being a little lazy.

    Thank you, as always, for your help.
  4. It looks like Lubriderm is a favorite.
    Are there any advantages to using this as opposed to Appleguard or LMB?