my coral Jonnie

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  1. I've been keeping my open for a jonnie in tan color but haven't found one for a good price. Yesterday I happened to go to a TJ Maxx that I don't get to often and saw this Jonnie. At first I said to myself "too bad it's red and not brown/tan"

    But I held it for a while and it felt to soft and nice I couldn't put it back on the rack.
    The color on the tag is Rose but it's really more coral. It's brighter than it looks in these pictures. I love it.

    My first two bags I bought after joining the PF were Koobas. In recent years, I haven't seen any Kooba bags I really liked -- until Jonnie.:loveeyes:

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  2. Very nice! Love coral :smile:
  3. thanks Jeya!