My copycat best friend...Grr...

  1. My hair has a natural reddish, strawberry-blonde tint to it that I wanted to play up for the summertime. So, I had my hair highlighted with two different shades, one light red and one golden blonde. It turned out lovely, and my best friend thought it was gorgeous... So much so, in fact, that three weeks later she went to her colorist and did the same damn thing to her hair... :wtf:

    Our hair texture is completely different... She has naturally straight, platinum-blonde hair, and frankly the streaks look fakey in hers. (My hair is really curly, so they blend in with my reddish-blonde base color.) For one thing, it doesn't look particularly good on her, and for another, I'm PO'ed that she just *had* to get her hair done after I did mine...

    And I must mention... she doesn't have a job right now and her parents and boyfriend pay for everything of hers, including all her visits to the salon. For me, I work full-time and have to pay for everything myself, so a salon visit is a rare treat, and I spent several weeks considering highlights before I actually had them done... No spur-of-the-moment, envy-induced hair change for me!

    I'm sorry for ranting, it just makes me so angry that she did that... Had to blow off steam, sorry... :cursing:
  2. I so know what you mean. I used to have a friend like that once, but we're no more friends.
  3. The nerve...I'm sure your hair looks alot better. :yes: I want to see pics!!
  4. well at least you look better!
  5. I hate when friends do this. I had one just like this in high school...i ditched her quick
  6. You could look at it like imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, unless she has copied before. In which case, just rest assured in the fact that the color looks better on you.
  7. I'm sure she didn't mean to be a copycat. You should be flattered that she looks up to you as a fashion plate and wants to imitate you.

    Besides, as you said, it looks totally different on her and it looks much better on you.
  8. Oh, that stinks!! I completely understand because my mom does the same thing to me!!
    And how do you say something without sounding like a b***h.
    I would like to see your hair though, post pictures!!!
  9. Yea... I totally dislike copy cats...
  10. You should show her a picture of a really cute short cut-and tell her you are getting your hair cut that way....
    Maybe she will do it first.
  11. Like Caitlin said, imitation is the best form of flattery - but arrgh! I know how you feel! I had this friend (way back when) who would literally copy everything I did! If I started taking a dance class, so would she. If I got a new top, she would go out and look for one that looked the exact same. She even started stealing some of the stuff I would say in conversations!!!

    You can't stop her from copying you but just remember - you were the original :yes:

    And your hair looks natural while she looks like a skunk. So you can rejoice in that lol!
  12. Try to take it as a compliment that your friend wants to be like you. ;)
  13. Imitation is the sincerest form of forgery in my book. I had a friend who'd do this ALL the time in HS and I let it slide, but it eventually got to the point where it was like she was trying to BE me. Hopefully your friend is NOT as psycho as mine turned out be.
  14. I know how you feel. Even though as many pointed out, imitation is the best form of flattery, it still SUCKS to have someone look pretty much the same! Kills all the excitement you have over your new look. Sadly, there really isn't much you can do now. At least YOU look better!!

    BTW, I'd love to see some pics!! Sounds like a really nice look. I might copy it... LOL JK!
  15. Hey, what i am thinking is, what kind of friend are you? you said that she is your best friend. i think u should be happy that she is copying you, that means she loves ur style, and like another said that she looks up to you. isn't that a good thing? maybe she is just not as creative as you, and can't think for herself most of the time, maybe that is also because she got spoiled thru out her life from parents and so on, therefore she has a brain, but is a big follower.

    or maybe u get all the guys all the time, and she wants that too, or just the attention. she must love how u look. oh well, no biggie, u must have a good sense of fashion, and maybe she just wishes she were u at times. it could be so many things. dont get upset over this. i think u should try to talk to her tho. just so that nothing will build inside of you towards her. u dont want that.