My "cool" family welcomes a "hot" 08 magenta Day! Pics included! :)

  1. Most of you know I like my blacks, blues, and cool, darker colors (pics here:

    Well, somehow, this new toned-down '08 magenta color just got the best of me. And I normally really avoid pinks!! I never had a bag resembling pink in any way, lol. But - as a sweet PFer said - "a little pink never hurt anyone"... It's true! ROFL!! :yahoo:

    Here she is, and thank you 'E' for helping me choose her! :tup: She has smooshy, thick and only slightly distressed leather. I think she will break in beautifully. :love: I already wore her out all day and all night yesterday. She works great for both settings, but she is a bit loud for a law environment. But I think it's okay :wlae:

    Please excuse the phone pics, I'll post better ones later when my digicam is charged, but I was too excited to wait... :sweatdrop:

    magenta-day1.jpg magenta-day2.jpg magenta-day.jpg magenta-dayback.jpg
  2. Where are the pics :confused1: I MUST see her!:nuts:
  3. ^sorry they're up now!
  4. Beautiful, SoF! Can't wait to see the updated ones!
  5. GORGEOUS!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats sweetie. :yahoo:I love Magenta in the Day too.:tup:
  7. CONGRATS!!! Indeed it is a POP of colour amongst your enviable BLUEs collection. The hue of your Magenta is intense & gorgeous!!! :drool:
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats ... I love Pale Magenta. Such a pretty colour!
  9. Lovely! Congratulations. The Day is such a great style, and it looks fabulous in magenta.
  10. she's beautiful!! can we see an updated family photo??
  11. Beautiful! ive got one too and i have been constantly using it...i love the colour..bright but not scary bright!
  12. Wow Sof! Congrats! :tup:
    Thats the richest magenta color i've seen!
  13. so pretty, congrats a great splash of colour!!!
  14. gorgeous, can't wait to see more pics!

    and I totally agree - the pale magenta is pink enough to be pink, but it's not *too* crazy pink - it's the perfect pink!
  15. I love it! It is absolutely beautiful! I cannot decide between a magenta day or a work...your lovely pics certainly didn´t make it easier:p