My conundrum

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  1. I know that Suzy asked this a week or so ago....but this issue is still weighing on my mind. I never did take it out and use it that day like I said I might.

    I have a brand new IF Audra in brown...still have the tags and the receipt from that I got back in the end of Oct. (?)

    It is sitting in it's a coma. Afraid that it will never come out. :sad:

    Whenever I think about using it...I always think that it's an issue is my shoes are not the right color brown...or another bag would look better with the outfit...and if it is a seasonal bag or an all year long bag.

    The back of my mind says to sell it...but it's nagging me too that I might regret was such a conquest to find one at a retail store.

    I am just not that fancy of a person, or that busy of a person that I go out everyday...and need to change my handbags with each outfit. Although I have been. :shame:

    Most of my days are either home in my jammies :lol: :love: at the grocery store :evil: or helping out at the kids school.

    When do you all that have the bag use it? What colors do you wear with it? I am just having a hard time seeing it as a true neutral colored bag...such as a few of my other bags are.

    I am just in such a quandry about me out my friends. :wacko:

    I'll be back in a few put your thinking caps on! :P
  2. Can you post a pic? I LOVE IF!
  3. Bjara - this is exactly the same conundrum I found myself in with my Paddy. I can very much relate to your situation.

    The overwhelming opinion from fellow bloggers answering me was, "if you aren't going to use, sell it and get something else you really will use."

    It sounds like you are in a better situation than I, that you can send the bag back to the store? If so, and you have not even tried it out - then I think it should go back.

    I understand - I may regret selling the anthra paddy - after all, they are pretty hard to get ahold of right now - and you might regret sending it back - but, won't you regret more having it sit on a shelf never being used?

    Just my .02; good luck - I do understand the difficulty in letting something go that felt so good to find and own.
  4. i find my brown IF audra quite useful. it's nice and big and comfy on my shoulder, so it goes basically everywhere. grocery store, movie theater, even to school when i have a day i don't need a large notebook. i also take it to work with me because there's no place that's locked to leave our bags and it's one of my less-expensive bags.

    i wear a lot of navy blue, dark purple, and brown, so it goes with most of my outfits. i think that it's particular color of brown that looks nice with almost everything, so i think it actually looks really great with a black T and jean skirt, too.

    that being said, if you can't find use for it now, you probably never will, and i'm sure there are a bunch of people out there that have been searching up and down for this bag. i say sell it and put the money towards something you really love (like the other half of your damier speedy!) and enjoy the fact that you probably will make some ebayer's day.
  5. There was a time when I first got the bag that I didn't use it that often but I always miss it so I take it out time to time. Lately I have been using it a lot b/c I am not afraid it will get damaged from rain/snow or show visible scratches if I happen to bump something. So I feel I don't need to be as careful as some other bags.

    Like amanda said, I think it is really comfy on the arm and it hold all the things I need. I take it everywhere with me, I dress it up and down and still looks good.

    I wear mainly earth tones to neutral colors like tan, brown, black, green, ivory, red, etc. I goes really well with jeans too. I am not necessarily concerned with the shoe aspect. I think the purse looks great with black.

    But like everyone says, if you truly don't find a use for it you should return it. I hope my experience will help you! ;)
  6. I think there is some great advice here! Not much else to say except that if it is really questionnable after trying on clothes, I would let it go.
  7. I do have a pic already on the camera...but like what Loganz hubby isn't the most fun when I have to ask him to help me load them on. :amuse:

    I took pics of some of my older bags a couple weeks ago...I thought about posting some of those as well...but for some reason I feel weird about it. :shame:
  8. I know....and I am not having an easy time deciding. wouldn't/couldn't take it back, theire return policy for new items is only 21 days, I believe.

    I did wear the bag once I think to Thanksgiving at my inlaws. Sat on her bed the whole night, came home with me and there it has sat. :sad:
  9. That's the thing you said, it's not an expensive bag...and for a while they were going for a lot more on ebay than they are now. I won't take a loss on that there alone might make my decision pretty easy. :P
  10. If you're having some reservations towards this bag, I think you should sell it and get something you really love. It's better having it sitting in your closet being all lonely and unloved. Just make sure you won't end up missing this bag once you get rid of it.
  11. I have the same problem with my BCBG signature hobo. My brother told me he'd post it on ebay for me since I don't do ebay... I'm thinking I might do it just so it finds a good home. And I feel guilty about not using it.

    Could you find it a good home amongst your friends? Someone would probably like it... It's always nice to see things being put to use.

    Btw, Loganz--if you really miss your anthracite paddy, the Nordstrom in San Diego (Fashion Valley, store 360) has one in stock. :lol:
  12. Those were some good ideas for colors to wear it with. I think you and have similar taste in handbags...:P

    I am such a nerd...I am so set in my ways of either black or browny, handbags, etc. This has been going on for YEARS. Each year I buy at least a couple pairs of shoes in each of those two colors..and usually a handbag in each of those two colors. I actually don't own another color of shoes except black and brown. My clothing is pretty cut and dried as well...jeans and tops/sweaters in fairly neutral colors...white, beige,black, olive's, etc. I did lay it next to a black ribbed sweater with jeans today...and it looked pretty. Summer time consists of my fav. Ralph Lauren jean shorts (have about 5 pairs in varying colors of denim) or the like and the same color summer tops as in the fall/winter.

    Since I've been on here...I have ventured out a teensy maybe I will just hold onto it and force myself to take some fashion chances... (Woah, Bjara, slow down a little, LOL)

    I am such a fashion geek.:cry:
  13. No, it's not really questionable with what I have...I guess I am stuck in a rut and need to get out of it and expand my clothing repotoire.

    I'm sorry gals for droning on and on...I feel stupid now amongst all you fashion divas!
  14. And that's it in a nutshell...I am afraid I will. :oh:
  15. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your style.

    Buying a green bag was lunacy for me - all my bags have been brown, black, or an off shade of gray/gunmetal. All my shoes, brown, black....mostly black.

    When the right accessory comes along it forces you out of your comfort zone, not the other way around. You can't force yourself to feel comfortable about carrying something. There are accessories out there that would probably make you shelve your brn/blk shoes, bags, for a day or week or so; those items will speak to you, you can't talk those items out of your closet and onto your arm.

    I may be out of bounds here - but, you really sound like me when I think about that damn paddy - it is like I am supposed to like it, so, dammit I should keep it, even if keeping it just means staring at it, and patting myself on the back for owning it.

    Perhaps, we should make an agreement to list our respective bags on the same day this wknd - then it is a done deal and we will give each other encouragement about their pending sales and the great bags we will buy with the money we make. :smile:

    LMK - I am listing that Chloe Saturday (oohh, that's tommorrow). :amuse: