My constant debate over small accessories...

  1. I love LVs small accessories...the only thing that I own, however, is an agenda.:crybaby:

    I really want things such as a cles, etc. but when I get right down to it I always think "hmmm...that could be $200-ish dollars towards a new bag...":rolleyes:

    Does anyone else feel this way?? I am constantly drooling over everyone's small accessories...maybe I just need to bite the bullet...:confused1:

    BTW--does anyone else use their cles strictly to hold change? Which Cles have interiors that are darker and won't show dirt. etc??

  2. Well, I happen to love the cles and own 16 of them. I use it as a wallet and have to have one to match each bag. I think it its the most functional LV accessory made. The regular Damier is dark inside. I don't use mine for coins, only cards and paper money.
  3. Yeah, I 've got that inner voice, too. I just bought a Groom cles and I'm not sure I'm feeling it. I like my cc's/debit cards laid out, accessible and easy to see. My change goes into the coin compartment. I like compact wallets and I'm not finding any use for the cles at all. Key chains that dangle from the ignition aren't my thing either. :shrugs: As a charm maybe?
  4. Im an accessories freak. I have 2 cles' a cerises (dark interior) and a white mc cles (vachetta color interior) I do have my keys attached and I put different things in them. Change, credit cards, cash.....just depends on the day. You should get one I'll bet you'll love it!
  5. Wow, 16? You're definitely a collector of cles. I don't have one yet, but I'm going to lv tomorrow and hopefully I'll break down and buy one. I also have that inner voice that says I should put the money towards a bag.
  6. i have a mono cles and i love it. i want to get a regular damier and the azur next. elux has free shipping right now, plus ******... i don't think $150 is too bad for a small accessory that's super cute and functional
  7. I just started to add the accessories to my collection. I love them.
  8. I have an assessory of each bag I own... not that many.. not 16! I only have 4 bags!
  9. I have a mono cles and I really like it! It can hold a lot (change, cash, and receipts); admittedly, it's $150, but I think it's worth it. So far, I have no problems with wear, although I've only had it for a short period of time.
  10. yup I always feel this way. I told myself one wallet wouldn't hurt and I tried to convince myself wapity is practical. So I have those, but I love azur and debating about a cles, french purse, or mini pochette. I love the cles they're so cute! but I think well I have a wallet. I bought my ipod case cuz I needed one and was like why not LV? I'd love to have a wallet to match each bag, but then I think I don't want to change wallets as much as I change bags it's such a hassle. I love the charms they're so cute, but can't justify paying 200-400 on those.
  11. i totally agree! i want a cles too, but i would rather save that money towards a bag.

    and mariska, i don't like things dangling from my starter ignition either.
  12. I have the mono and perforation and I love them - they are extremely usable and fit credit cards perfectly. You will love them!
  13. I love buying the accessories cause then my husband doesn't really notice the cc bill (and if he does, he's just thankful I didn't spend more:P ). I'd love more bags (don't we all have our wish list?) but my often overwhelming compulsion to buy some new little tidbit from LV is easily satisfied with the purchase of the smaller accessories. Today I bought the pastille key holder and Framboise vernis agenda (although the pastilles key ring is going to be one of my xmas pressies (DH just doesn't know it yet). But still somewhere deep down I know I could have bought another BAG with that $700.:girlsigh:
  14. I am too cheap to spend this kind of $$$ on small LV things. Esp. things I know I won't use. I only have a wallet (it took me several years to get the courage to finally splurge on LV wallet) and a groom cles (which is attached to my car key and holds my coffee money.
  15. Btw, my accessories list includes:
    framboise vernis cles (I use it for heavy-duty shopping when you want your hands free, or concerts/movies where it is just too dirty to put your LV down on the floor/ground)
    the mc white mirror
    the pouchette porte-monnaie credit wallet in mono
    framboise inclusion key ring,
    perfo fuschia bandeau scarf

    and now the framboise agenda and the pastilles:yahoo: