My Congrats-your-a-doctor Pink Gucci!

  1. I'm so excited!!!:yahoo: I'm still giddy right now. You see, my mom promised me that she'll buy me a new bag after I passed the medical licensure exam. So the results came out on thursday (yay! I passed!) and so after lunch we went to Gucci. I'm so happy, I just wanted to share it with all of you :nuts:

    The first pic is me & my mom in Gucci. My dad took that shot, it's really a candid pic :p

    The rest of the pics show the bag and my baby brother, tabbi.:supacool:

    I am so loving this bag. I :heart: pink Gucci!
    19-08-07_1541.jpg 19-08-07_1807.jpg 19-08-07_1816.jpg
  2. More pics! I wasn't able to do modelling pics cause I quickly changed into my sleepwear when we got home this evening. But I will post pics of me using it tomorrow when I go out to have a test-run of the bag. :yahoo:
    19-08-07_1814.jpg 19-08-07_1815.jpg
  3. Awesome! Congratulations on passing the test and your new Gucci Bag!
  4. Congrats, you must be a very smart girl! I could not see myself doing anything medical related, you must have a great memory along with being hardworking tabbi. Well done! You deserve it. :tup:

    By the way, you are very tall for an asian! I'm jealous! :p Very practical tote, loved the photos, esp the 'candid pic', and can't wait to see you modeling the bag...
  5. Thanks so much for your kind words!

    Hehe I'm only 5'7", I'm wearing 3-inch heels in that pic hehehe. cheater! :p I'm taller than both my mom & dad. my brother & i really don't know where we got our height from.
  6. Congrats on passing your exam & your new Gucci! That had to have been a hard exam....
  7. congrats!!!! on both passing the exam and your beautiful new bag!!!!!
    i am new to this part of the forum and am saving for my very first gucci!!! i'm very excited and your bag is absolutely TDF!!!
    can you tell me the name of it and color???
  8. Oh I'm 5'6''. :confused1: You look way taller... Who cares about numbers, it's the look that counts :p. My sis and I are taller than both our parents as well (though dad still refuses to believe it, it's been more than 5 years now and he is still in denial...) so where it came from I have no idea. No complaints though! ;)
  9. aww its so cute!! congrats on ur new bag!!

    and heres my congrats to u for passing ur boards ;) :flowers: ok fine its not as good as the gorgy gucci u deserved but but but :smile: whatever, CONGRATS! hehe
  10. Whoo hoo!!! After all that schooling and testing, you deserve it!!
  11. Congrats!!! Love It!!!!
  12. You really deserve that bag!!!'s adorable and so is the puppy!

  13. Congrats! You can never have too many pink bags ;)
  14. congrats on passing!! i'm very proud you, I know how tough it can be...and congrats on the new gucci!!! have fun with it!
  15. Congrats! What a sweet deal. Looks fab!