My confession: I don't care for the classic flap bags. But why?

  1. I wonder if, due to the 80's and EVERYONE and their mother carrying this style, it just screams a 1980's look. I feel like a traitor :sad: . Does the style eventually grow on you? Or, am I less of a Chanel lover for feeling this way?:s
  2. I don't see the 80's in them, I see always and forever, they're just totally classic to me....
  3. I also don't see the 80's in them. . .
    and although I think alot of them are beautiful, especially some of the newer colors and textues, I am not a Flap girl.
    I can imagine buying one later when I need a small one for the evening, but not now.
  4. I grew into them... I always thought they were old-ladyish until a few years ago, and since you see a lot of young celebs with casual outfits with them, they've totally appealed to me. I find the silver HW makes them much more modern looking too.

    Don't worry, I know there are a few who don't care for them - that's the great thing about Chanel. There's a style for everyone!
  5. I agree. I love the flaps and I can't get enough of them. The design is timeless and can go with all outfit.
  6. The flaps arent my fav either. Only one I love love love is the patent blush , now that is gorgeous!!!!!!!
  7. I just got my first classic flap, I don't know that I'll ever get another but I just love this one sooooo much. It's just the east west flap with the single chain (which is roomier than the small/medium classic flap). It's black with silver hardware and I love that I can wear it with jeans and a T shirt or use it in the evening with a dress. I generally like to use small purses because I carry a large bag for work (so I carry two bags at once kinda). I think the east west has a slightly younger look to it because of the single chain strap and slightly different shape yet is still very classic. They aren't for everyone though and that's just fine. I just tend to go for more classic styles when it comes to handbags, I hate having to pay too much attention to trends when it comes to purses and I like the return I get out of the investment of a classic piece.....
  8. When I first joined tPF (12/06) I, too, didn't care for the classic flap. It was very matronly IMO. But after perusing the Chanel forum, seeing all the lovely flaps on their beautiful mommies, and going to the Chanel boutique practically every weekend, I am a new flap-convert!!! I see it as a better investment to get something timeless (albeit in updated colors and chains) rather than the It bag of the season.
  9. Lola, congrats!!! Lambskin or caviar?
  10. Me, too wasn't a big fan of the flap at first but all flaps I saw were with gold hardware or caviar leather which I didn't like that much but when I first saw a classic flap with silver hardware and in lambskin I totally fell for it.
    I took the time to try a lot of different sizes, colours and leathers and I let it settle for a couple of months but now I'm so happy that I finally took the plunge because it makes a great evening bag and a nice day bag.
    May be it will grow on you and if not don't worry because there are a lot of different styles out there.
  11. Yesterday I had the choice of a black caviar leather medallion tote or the jumbo black caviar leath flap. Huge price difference for sure, but DH was willing to buy either one. I went with the medallion tote (and I AM an old lady!). I think the flaps are beautiful, elegant, timeless and so ladylike, but for me they just aren't functional for my lifestyle.

    It's OK to admire something from afar, even if it's not something you want for yourself. There are other "classics" in the Chanel line that may suit you better.
  12. i don't see the 80's in them either....and even if it produces images of everyone and their mother carrying it, it only does so in an image that every little girl one day hopes to emulate...too cliche?

    but everyone has their own preferences....and like many people have said, you hate something one day and can't live without it the next...there's no MANDATE stating that you have to like it....but i have a feeling that it'll grow on ya....or you'll grow on it:confused1:
  13. I know what you mean by they look "too 80's"...for a while I felt the same way! I think it's because I've watched a lot of 80's movies when I was a kid that depicted rich girls carrying the chanel flap, and of course being a bag hag, I noticed it.

    I think you should look through the picture threads of TPF'ers and Celebs wearing their Flaps in helped me change my perception of the flap looking too 80's!
  14. Caviar, I can't deal with lambskin, though beautiful, I'm horrible at scratching things with my nails.......I thought I wanted grey a while back but once I got to try on the black it was just perfect. I thought I had wanted a PST too but now I'm not feeling it now, I don't know what it is, maybe the double straps with the gold chain, I can do a single strap of gold chain but the double is too much for me I think......I'm pretty content with bags now though, I told my husband this is my last one for a while........
  15. I remember when you wanted the PST, I was curious whether you got it. But the east/west flap is soooo chic, I have one too in beige caviar. Enjoy!