My condolences to all the Bay Area commuters...

  1. I grew up down there and I know how brutal this is going to be. Hang in there.


    Tanker fire destroys part of MacArthur Maze

    The heat of a dramatic gasoline tanker fire destroyed an overpass and closed two major roadways in the MacArthur Maze at the East Bay access to the Bay Bridge early this morning.

    A section of the roadway taking traffic from the Bay Bridge onto eastbound Interstate 580 fell onto the connector that brings East Bay traffic from Interstate 80 to Interstates 880 and 580.

    Lanes of 580 near the East Bay Municpal Utility District sewage treatment plant at the maze are draped like a blanket over the northeast edge of the freeway below with the corner tip touching the ground below that.

    The tanker, which was full of vehicle-ready gasoline, seems to have disappeared. One Caltrans worker at the scene held up his thumb and forefinger an inch apart to describe how big the tanker is now.
  2. Ugh.. this shakes me up so bad. It reminds me of the '89 Earthquake.
  3. ME TOO. I was there when it happened. This is very close to the collapse before.

    I have a lot of family in Santa Cruz. I was there visiting my cousins the weekend before Loma Prieta. I remember learning about earthquake faults in geology class and thinking that there was a fault going across 17 everytime I drove over the hill. Little did I know back then that road would literally be torn open after Loma Prieta!

    That earthquake was the last straw for me... I had been planning a move north but moved the dates up six months. I left a month after the quake.
  4. OMG that is crazy was anybody hurt??
  5. Wow ! that pic is amazing.

    Thanks for posting Roo. I hope everyone is okay.
  6. From what I've been able to glean, the driver of the truck is hospitalized with burns. That person is lucky to be alive.

    They are not sure if there are any cars under the collapsed portion of the road. Last I saw online at they were still inspecting the structure.

    I just feel so bad for everyone down there. 300,000 people transit that portion of roadway EVERY DAY. BART and other freeways are going to be a total mess tomorrow. They say it will take months to repair this. Not to mention the cost.
  7. BTW, for those not familiar, this portion of the roadway is in West Oakland, right before you get to the San Francisco Bay Bridge approach. About four major highways intersect this "maze" at this spot from the east, north, south and western parts of the greater Bay area. The area of freeway that collapsed in the earthquake in 1989 is just slightly east of this location.

    This is a MAJOR deal.
  8. Yikes, that scares me! I feel for those commuters, it is hard enough dealing with a regular commute, but now this, ugh...
  9. what a mess
  10. That's terrible! What a pain that's going to be.
  11. omg- that's exactly what i thought it was at first glance.
  12. What a mess! And our gas is 3.50 a gallon for the cheap stuff, they are saying we will hit 3.80, at least through the summer!
  13. Yup! The CHP's investigation shows the driver was traveling at an unsafe speed. I'm glad the driver is ok. But there's there's talk that the taxpayers will have to pay for this, so a lot of people are upset.

    I don't commute in that area. I feel very sorry for anyone who travels in that area as traffic will be worse than normal. :sad:
  14. omg.. I am so sorry! I hope no one was hurt.