My conair sucks

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  1. So I have a conair curling ironing and the most it does it put a little flip on the ends of my hair. I know I am curling it the right way but I think this curling iron has seen its last days. I am going to go out immediately and buying a new one. Any suggestions please!
  2. Enzo Milano 25mm barrel (buttload of money compared to Conair..LOL)
    GHD iron (you can curl your hair with a straightener, so you get two irons in one!)

    Make sure you use a curl activator spray.
  3. GHD, LOVE it! I think worth the $$$
  4. where can I get that Enzo? I have a sedu , it curls but I want a curling iron as a back up.
  5. My aunt bought me one at a salon I think and it was well over $100 but if you search around online you can get it for like $50.
  6. Does the enzo have the typical curling iron barrel clasp thing or do you just wind it around it? I can't see where it has a clamp to hold the hair in? Sorry, I am clueless with that! :shrugs:
  7. The reason why the Enzo is so unique is it doesn't have the clamp like most irons do. The iron comes with a heat protectant glove that you use to wind your hair around the barrel. I admit, it is quite tiring to do it, but the curls come out beautiful. I use it a lot..I just used it for my Vday dinner.
  8. What about a Chi? Mine lasted for like, 5-6 yrs. But it was a flat iron though.
  9. I have a Tigi Bedhead curling iron and I luuuurve it. They're cheap too! :tup:
  10. GHD :heart: i loveee mine
  11. I have a Hot Tools Tourlamine (sp?) curling iron, and it works really well! I got mine at Ulta and it was under $50.
  12. I just bought this based on your post and have used it once and love it! :tup:
  13. ^ That's great! I'm so glad you like it! :flowers:
  14. I like their more expensive hairdryers and their $80 straightener works well but it pulls the hair a bit.I think in the long run it's more worth it to get something more expensive better brands because they will last longer.
  15. just purchased the tigi worked better than the conair but not as much as I expected and it burned my hair :sad: