My complete bag collection

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  1. I only managed to post one picture in my first attempt because I couldn't figure it out.
    Here are some more of my purses. I have a vintage LV that I hate and I didn't bother posting a pic of, and I also have another LV and another change purse missing from the LV pic.
    I'm getting my first Chanel bag soon though, I'm excited!

    And I am missing three other bags a Gucci, a Dior and a Burberry. Photobucket is being lame.
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing! I love your alma!
  4. Love your collection!
  5. Lovely collection! Love the patina on your Alma!
  6. Great collection!
  7. Nice collection.. post us pics of your chanel as soon as you get it :yahoo:
  8. The patina on your Alma is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love your collection!
  10. very nice :smile:
  11. Nice collection.
  12. can't see pics!!
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