My compagnon is here...

  1. I order a zip around comagnon and I just got it in the mail...sadly, I am not happy :sad:

    Its way bigger than I thought it would be, does any one here have the zip around and actually uses it as their daily wallet?

    compag1.JPG compagn1.JPG
  2. I agree - the first time I saw the compagnon in person I was surprised by its size. If you aren't happy, I would suggest that you look into the money wallet. I LOVE mine and find it to be the perfect size.
  3. Is it a checkbook size?
  4. Aww ~it is sorry to hear you dont love it..
    But I kinda understand you..First I got compagnon and I thought it is not for me so I got money wallet later on..
    I love money wallet~ maybe you should try that...
  5. Yes its a bit bigger than I am use to. Here is a picture of it underneath my current wallet.
  6. I had the big compagnon also and never liked it. The smaller zip around is nice. I LOVED my money wallet, very girlie and feminine. Regret selling that one for sure.
  7. I think this zip around size is great for travel- all your junk, including passport, etc., can fit inside and be secure. To use along with a regular wallet for your bag.
  8. :sad:Sorry to hear you don't :heart: it. I have one in truffle and I like mine. I carry a checkbook in it works for me.
  9. sorry to hear that you do not care for it. It looks so nice from the photos
  10. I happen to like that wallet. I am used to wide wallets like that. I do like the Money too but I think this one may be easier to put cards in and everything.
  11. I had one too. Totally LOVED it in the photos...the fact that it has so many CC slots, places to stick receipts, and the zipper closure was great. But it was just a tad large for me too. I sold it and now kinda wish I had kept it. I think I would have gotten used to it eventually. I love the fact that it isn't bulky. Maybe you should try it for awhile....give it a few days and then decide.
  12. i am sorry you don't like it. yeah that sucks is huge in person. i am sure you can use it as a daily wallet in a city, twiggy, or work size. it might be a little big for the First.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you're dissapointed...can you return it?
  14. I actually okay with the wallet and use it as my regular wallet...ok, don't shoot me :death::p, but it comes kinda handy as it has lots of room to keep your stuffs and I am kinda girl who carries alots of stuffs inside my wallet, so that works just fine for me. But I also like the money too. So, just go with what your heart goes to :yes:. Good luck
  15. :crybaby:Oh man, I'm alittle disappointed. I ordered one, too, and I think it's going back. I can't figure out which one the "money" is but I'll probably try that one if it's a huges as I think it is. The bluefly site says this wallet is about 9" x 5"...that's pretty big for me.