My Colorful Celine Collection

  1. Your collection is amazing! I love the first pic!
  2. Omg I m so in love of all the colors ... Such a wonderful collection
  3. Love ur collection!! It's to due for!! You wear them well!
  4. Hi.. I loooove ur bags specially ur celines.. I always thought that the mini luggage would be big on me but they suit u perfectly and u seem petit like me.. I was wondering how tall are u?!
  5. You have a fabulous collection...use them all in good health...
  6. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
  7. Thank you! :smile:
    Thank you! I'm only 5'4!
    Thank you!
  8. the first 2 mini luggage in that group shot is my fav! you have amazing bags in general.
  9. You have an amazing collection, love them all :love:
  10. Great collection. Jealous!
  11. Omg you are crazy like me - we are both bitten by the Celine bug and we both have many of the same minis!! I'll post mine soon :smile: I was embarrassed to admit this until I saw your collection
  12. OMG :drool: :loveeyes: :drool: :loveeyes: :heart: :cloud9:
  13. amazing collection!
  14. Wow.....Amazing!!!
    Which one is your favorite?
  15. you have the best Celine collection ! hands down in my opinion!!! love them all!!!