My college graduation and my first orange box!

  1. Hello Ladies!

    Here's my first Hermes-related story!
    I graduated yesterday afternoon from college in Literature and Journalism... I'm so so so happy!

    And then last night my super wonderful boyfriend surprised me and gave me this beautiful clic clac.. I was so excited, it's my first Hermes!

    I also attached some picture of me and my boyfriend before and after was such a special day!

    My graduation party is on friday.. and I'll be posting modelling pictures then!

    Its so nice to finally share something with you wonderful ladies!

    ASIIMG_3252.jpg ASIDSCN6920.jpg ASIIMG_3276.jpg ASIIMG_3282.jpg ASIIMG_3284.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  3. you will always remember the first time.
  5. The biggest of all CONGRATULATIONS are in order!:tup:
  7. Woohoo!!!! Congrats on the Graduation, fabby boyfriend and gorgeous bracelet :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  8. Congrats both on graduating and the beautiful gift!!!!
  9. Congratulations on your graduation and your beautiful bracelet! What a wonderful boyfriend :nuts:
  10. You guys are so cute together!

    Many congratulation!!!
  11. Congratulations on your graduation and your beautiful bracelet. You and your boyfriend are a beautiful couple!
  12. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! YAY for you!
  13. You look very happy. Congrats on a wonderful souvenier of a proud day!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Congratulations