My collections, by brand

  1. Hermes:
    -Kellys (black clemence, 35 cm, palladium hardware)
    -Birkin (havane swift, 30 cm, palladium hardware)
    -Paris-Bombay (black vache liegee, PM, palladium hardware)

    -Paddington (chocolate, medium size)
    DSCN5487.JPG 579881[1].jpeg 522492[1].jpeg 416382[1].jpeg
  2. Lovely :heart: thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. thanks for sharing!
  4. Beautiful thanks for sharing
  5. Wow!! Very beautiful quality bags!
  6. Gorgeous Hermés!!
  7. Beautiful Hermés~!! Hermés is my goal.. hehe.. =)
  8. Cool collection! :supacool:
  9. Wow so classic and they will go with EVERYTHING. I love your Kelly!
  10. A lovely collection, thanks for sharing!
  11. very nice :smile:
  12. The color of your Birkin is GORGEOUS! Great colletion!
  13. wow!!! nice:yes:
  14. Very nice Hermes collection:smile:
  15. Gorgeous hermes bags!