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  1. This is my small collection. I only took pics of the bags I am going to keep.....
    DSC00240.JPG DSC00241.JPG DSC00242.JPG DSC00243.JPG
  2. Now all I need is a turquoise 2005 balenciaga and a birkin
  3. Good choices!! I love the magenta bbag
  4. Great collection! I like the color of that magenta B bag!
  5. beautiful collection..
    I love the white paddy
  6. I am in LOVE with your Chanel!
  7. Beautiful collection. Love it!
  8. I love the Chanel, and since you're selling some, that calls for some more additions to your collection right ? ;)
  9. Love the Chanel!
  10. You've got some awesome bags there. Love them!
  11. Thank you! During the past month, I've sold about 7 bags. So now I'm in search of the perfect bags for my collection. Hopefully, I'll find them soon :biggrin:
  12. really nice. love the magenta!
  13. Your magenta Balenciaga is the prettest color I've ever seen. If you ever want to get rid of it ............
  14. The magenta bag made my heart skip a beat I think! Wow!
  15. Your Chanel is gorgeous! I've always admired them, but could never see myself carrying one....until I saw yours!
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