My collection

  1. Not complete as I am still in the process of taking pics but here are some.
    BCBG.JPG Burberry.JPG Charles David.JPG Coach2.JPG Coach3.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Love the Burberry!
  4. Nice variety! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice collection! I like the BCBG purse! Thanks for sharing. :yes:
  6. Sweet collection :smile:
  7. very great collection!
  8. Nice collection
  9. Thanks! Here are some more pics...
    Coach4.JPG Coach Suede.JPG DKNY.JPG Francesco Biasia.JPG Guess2.JPG
  10. and more... and I still have more pics to take.. didn't realize I had so many..
    Gucci snakeskin.JPG Guess3.JPG Guess4.JPG Guess5.JPG Guess6.JPG
  11. Thanks for sharing, you have a nice variety of bags!
  12. Thanks! I think I OD'd on Guess though... I need to get rid of a few. I like to keep them unique:smile:
  13. Here a few more and there still LV Riveting, Balenciaga PT in French Blue and Day in Grass Green that I am hiding from DH so will take pics later.
    Guess.JPG Via Republica.JPG Kathy Zeeland.JPG Monsac.JPG Kors.JPG
  14. I love this bag!!! How did you remove the tassel?!

  15. I didn't, it's still there :yes: It just didn't make it into the pic. I love the tassel