my collection

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  1. I got bored today so started taking pics with my bags! One of my favorite part of this forum is seeing pictures of everyone modeling their bags, so I thought it would be fun to post my collection this way. Hope you'll like them! :shame:

    Black Lambskin Mini Flap
    Grey 225 Reissue
    DSC06617.jpg DSC06618.jpg DSC06623.jpg DSC06620.jpg
  2. i love the mini flap and reissue. They look great on you.
  3. More pics.

    Black 226 Reissue w/ Gold Hardware
    Black Large Cambon Tote w/ Patent CC's
    White Caviar Classic Flap
    DSC06628.jpg DSC06630.jpg DSC06634.jpg DSC06632.jpg DSC06413.jpg
  4. you've an awesome taste in bags:yes:
  5. miffy: you've got great style ;) :shame:
    love your chanel bags ... :love:
  6. is your shoe MJ in this pic ?? :shame:

  7. Purses are nice, but what struck me is your style. I love how you dress! What shoes are you wearing? I love the outfit in the 2nd picture.

  8. Awesome collection :love:
    :heart: :heart: :heart: ALL your CHANEL bagsssss
    :heart: :heart: :heart: Your outfit too! :nuts:
  9. Beautiful collection!! You have great taste...!!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  10. I believe the shoes someone asked about are Chloe.

    You've got great style Miffy. I've been eyeing the Phillip Lim dress you're wearing in the first two pictures and I love the above Chloe heels!
  11. Everything is just beautiful.
  12. Gorgeous!!! Love your outfits too! Thanks for sharing...
  13. Everything is gorgeous! Thanks for Sharing
  14. Love it all and I love the modeling pics! Gorgeous!! :love:
  15. Gorgeous bags and stunning with your outfits. I need to copy your style!! Great Chloe shoe collection--are the dresses See by Chloe as well?