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    Wow! I can't believe this.. Very interesting.. But similar to what the Admin said, if you don't believe, just move on and stop opening this thread..:smile:
  2. Wow!!

    If this is true, we are pushing OP away by all this disbelieving talk. And we have pushed many super duper luxurious folks away from tpf and that's very sad.

    If this were untrue, then we'll just feel slightly idiotic for being impressed, in awe, admiring and envying, and finding out we were lied to, taken for a ride.

    Either way, it's interesting to see how this thread develops.
  3. Congrats and welcome

    Would love to see pic's :smile:
  4. love your collection!!! it must have been a fortune!!! your steamer trunk with three removable trays... im dead literally.... i think im in bag heaven.... also congrats of Kyra and i bet she is going to be a little LV addict too!!!

    I will be waiting diligently for the pictures to arrive... take your time!
  5. :yes::yes::yes:
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