my collection

  1. Here's my collection.
    Gucci: Cream Bouvier, Black large chain hobo, brown and white abbey (i think), brown horsebit clutch, and blue and red tote.
    Louis Vuitton: Mono bucket (my first designer purse) and speedy 30
    Fendi: Black logo (not sure the name) and carmel bag (also not sure the name)
    Marc Jacobs: Black leather hobo
    Prada: Small black pouchette
  2. FABULOUS collection! Thank you for sharing and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  3. :heart: your collection..Thanks for sharing ;)
  4. love your collection! great variety
  5. LOOOOOVE that Gucci bag in front of the Speedy... :drool:
  6. that gucci clutch is adorable!
  7. great collection, love the gucci
  8. Gorgeous guccis!
  9. i love that bag up on the top left!
  10. love your gucci clutch ! thanks for sharing
  11. FABULOUS collection! like your gucci....
  12. Love your red and Blue!!! Great collection, thanks for letting us in!!!
  13. thanks for your comments. your too kind.:smile:
  14. Lovely! Love all the guccis! :biggrin:
  15. Great collection! Welcome to TPF.