My Collection

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  4. This will be a good thread!

    Use Photobucket. That way, you can just cut and paste the IMG tag directly to your posts.
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  7. Ohh cool, thanks for the tips.. I will use it next time:smile:
  8. I have my Sasha in Taiga Leather in this post
  9. In this post, I have

    1) Damier PM sunglasses
    2) LV Initial in Epi Leather
    3) LV Initial Key Ring
    4) Messager Damier Geant Scarf
    5) Monogram Card Holder
  10. In this post, I have

    1) Damier Ebene Macau Clutch
    2) 6 Keys Holder in Epi Noir
    3) 9 Cards and Bills Holder in Damier Geant Canvas
    4) Coin and Key Pouch in Damier Geant Canvas
    5) Damier Geant Cougour in Noir
  11. In this post, I have

    1) 100 Legendary Trunks
    2) Confidential Key Ring
    3) LV The Birth of Modern Luxury
    4) Louis Vuttion.Art.Fashion and Architecture
    5) Bandeaus
  12. Great collection :smile: I love men who wear Louis Vuitton!
  13. You can upload 5 pix per post but you can attach the next 5 pix on the next post instead of starting a new thread :smile: oh well, too late :smile:

    Nice collection OP!!
  14. I love the LV and trunk! Yum!

  15. Yeah, I just realized that...too late :P